Download ShareIt App for Blackberry

ShareIt App provides a simple and fast way to share pictures and web links with your friends on Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

You took a great picture with your BlackBerry, or read an interesting article on net, and now thought to share them with your friends using Twitter and Facebook.Instead of opening two apps and posting separately, with ShareIt you can post the links simultaneously on both twitter and Facebook.
  • No need to use 2 apps to share pictures and web links to Twitter and Facebook. With ShareIt post to both with one touch.
  • Take a picture with your BlackBerry and share it instantly to Twitter and Facebook.ShareIt is in your menu list for simple one touch access.
  • Found something interesting on the net? Use ShareIt to quickly post the web link to Twitter and Facebook. ShareIt will also shrink down the link to save on characters.
  • Want to send that picture or link only to Twitter and not Facebook (or vice versa) no problem, ShareIt let’s you choose each time with one touch.
  • Easily configurable app.
Download ShareIt App from blackberry appstore.

shareit app

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