Droid X: 10 Useful Android Apps

Droid X Useful Apps.JPGDroid X which runs on Android is an exquisite smart mobile phone. Android Platform has lots of useful, interesting and entertaining apps. With almost 100,000 apps in the market, its difficult to find the right app for your newly purchased Droid X. Check out the Ten useful apps for every Droid X.
  1. Google Sky Map is a free app which shows your present location in real time amidst the stellar constellation. It makes use of GPS of your phone, accelerometer and compass to locate your position.
  2. Google Voice app permits you to create a master phone number to control all your other numbers at home, office, factory, etc. Simply forward all your numbers to this master number. Whenever you get a call or answer a call the app gives a feeling that you are in one answering system.
  3. For the chatter box in you, Meebo connects you to friends for a relaxed chat.
  4. For the Twitters, Seesmic app helps you login with your twitter friends, messages and updates.
  5. With Foursquare app you can activate your social network and keep in touch with your friends.
  6. If you are a TV Buff, Sling Player mobile enables you to carry your favorite TV shows recorded at home to be seen at your convenience.
  7. With Retro gamer Nesoid you can play your favorite games while on the move or in office or at home.
  8. Suddenly you feel giddy and want to take a cab while on a walk. Don’t worry, Cab4Me locates you on a map and finds out the nearest cab company number for a quick pick up.
  9. Triplt is a useful app for travelers; get your itineraries, flight time schedules, weather forecast, etc. in your mobile.
  10. If you are a jogger, Runtastic Life records your time, distance and speed and displays your route map. Share your success with your Facebook and Twitter friends too!
To download, just search for the respective app in the Android market on your mobile.

Which Android App is more used by you? Share your useful Android Apps for Droid X via comments section.

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