Flexible Payment Options For Android Apps

Have you noticed Google’s recent indication that it will effect changes in the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement? Tim Bray of Google has written that the changes are focused on improving the method of payments for app buyers in the Android Market. At present only credit card payment is accepted by Google. Google proposes to add all charges towards buying of Android apps in the user’s monthly phone bill directly. This method has been in vogue for T-Mobile customers in the US now.

Google has made a modification in the Agreement and an addition of new section. Section 13.1 is modified to include “authorized carriers” as indemnified party. A new section 13.2 is added covering indemnify for payment processors for claims related to tax accrual. These features are beneficial for users who pay for purchase of app through their carrier bill instead of Google Checkout. These changes are likely to be announced by end August 2010.

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