Get Face to Face on iPhone 4 with new FRING

The new fring feature of the iPhone 4 has a facility for two- way video calls by means of the camera provided at the front of the instrument. The other exciting feature is that you can chat with any other phone user including non-iPhone users.

You may wonder what is so great about iPhone 4 when we already have video connectivity using 3G or WiFi? Yes, there is a definite advantage in iPhone 4; with the multitasking support provided by iOS4 platform, the magic feature fring enables you get alerts on all video calls and chat without even opening the app.

Furthermore, fring sets up a sound and user friendly social networking system encompassing Facebook account and updates, Twitter account and updates including tweets, tidy address book, concise catalogue of favorite buddies, calls, chats, etc., for you.

Check out the below demo video of Fring on iPhone 4.


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