Google Maps 4.4, Smarter Way To Know Your Way!

Google Maps has been updated six times in the last six months. With new features on finding places in the neighborhood in every update, Google Maps is definitely one of the best Map provider for mobile phones. Sailent features of this update are:
  • Swiping between search results like Photos and Reviews on the search result.
  • Dedicated places icon in the app launcher. Simply press and drag it to your phone screen to search a nearby restaurant or cinema house. Place Page displays a long list of all restaurants and cinemas in the locality for you to pickup.
  • Also you can use the search bar in the place pages to type or ask any question. Your search can be generalized like “coffee shop”, “gas station”, etc., or specifics like “Walmart”. Updated Place Pages provides all necessary data so that you will be in a position to select the best place and route relaxing in your bed. You will get minute details like prices of
Currently only Android devices support the feature of place pages. Folks watch out, Black Berry will also get Place Page very soon!

To download Google Maps 4.4 just go to from your mobile browser. Below are some of the screenshots of Google maps 4.4.Google maps screenshot.JPG

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