How to Return iPhone 4 and get Full Refund?

iphone 4 returnI am sure you are aware that performance of iPhone 4 is not satisfactory. Consumers in US can return the instrument to Apple and opt out of AT&T contract for carrier service immediately.

Procedure for surrendering iPhone 4 is hassle free. Phone up 1-800-676-2775 or browse online Order Status Page and sign in your Apple account to return iPhone 4. To ensure full refund of money, return your iPhone 4 complete with box, charger and manuals to the warehouse from where it was received, within 30 days from the date of its shipment and not the date when you actually received it. Alternatively you can also surrender the instrument in person if the purchase is from a local Apple stores. Your carrier service contract with AT&T expires automatically on return of iPhone 4. You better contact them and get a confirmation to this effect.

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