iPhone 4 Tethering App Handy Light!

iPhone has a light and compact app tethering utility which enables sharing of your iPhone internet connection with your laptop. This app is known as Handy Light which has nothing to do with torch light.

The tethering is carried out in this manner:
  • Configure an ad-hoc wireless network on your Mac.
  • Connect iPhone to the network.
  • Tweak specific network and proxy settings and start the app.
  • Tap a coded sequence of flashlight colors.
Well, now that the instructions are online, the app may be axed any time like the $10 NetShare app which was axed by Apple a few years ago. Added to this, AT&T does not get a penny for sharing this app with your net connection. It is also a million dollar question when Handy Light app will be withdrawn by Apple!

The app supports iPhone 4(iOS 4) only.

Update: The app has been removed from the app store:(

Update2: Check out the TetherMe App to tether your iPhone.

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