iPhone Apps To Pep Up Your Photo Albums!

iPhone Photo album app.JPGCheck out the interesting iPhone Apps that helps you to have fun with your photo albums. With the help of these apps you can spice up your photos on the iPhone itself.
  • Animoto:Select dozen of photographs from your iphone album and apply music from the app’s library; a short and sweet video is created by this app.
  • HazelMail: This free app provides a nice post card to your iPhone photographs which can be mailed.
  • Juxtaposer Lite: From your photo album, you can swap your face with your girlfriend’s body using this app within a fraction of a second. It is lot of fun.
  • TimeLapse - Free: In a fixed backdrop take series of pictures. This app creates an action-packed video of fast moving people and vehicles in a fixed backdrop with soothing music. The free edition is limited to 59 photos per session. You can purchase the app for $2.99 if you like it.
  • Pano:This app stitches several photo shots and combines them into one long panorama; the viewer gets a feeling that he is part of the picture.
Which photography app you like most for the iPhone?

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