MusicNerd Unlocked iPhone 4 in Two Ways!!

unlock iphone 4.jpgGuys, do you know about the hectic activity set in motion to unlock iPhone 4? Dev Team launched upon a three way solution for this problem. PlanetBeing tweeted that he discovered the unlock formula a couple of days ago. We hear MuscleNerd of Dev Team also has zeroed in the solution as per a tweet from him. He has formulated 2 different methods to unlock iPhone 4.

The next step involves the quality angle which is the toughest. Here comparison of the loading time and stability of the 3 different unlocking solutions will be carried out. Based on the results PlanetBeing and MuscleNerd will decide which is the best unlock formula so that ultrasn0w could be updated. In my opinion it is going to be a matter of just few more days for unlocking iPhone 4!

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