Paul the Octopus gets Two iPhone Apps

Soccer fans all over the world will agree that the real celebrity of the recently concluded World Soccer Tournament is Paul the octopus! His predictions were impeccable and amazing. Paul had the privilege of using two iPhone apps to answer yes/no to question from worldwide soccer lovers. This iPhone app also supports iPod Touch and iPad. Though questions were answered by a random preset program, its fun to use this app.

In the initial stages Paul’s predictions were taken as jokes and cheered by soccer fans irrespective of their nationality, gender, race, etc. After the tragic defeat of Germany to Spain, Paul also lost his hero status in Germany and bagged star status in Spain; German fanatics wanted to make a mince meat of the poor octopus.

In reality Paul is one of the greatest entertainers in the world cup 2010 and it will be remembered always! As long as you remember Paul, you can have fun with his iPhone Apps.

You can download Ask the Octopus Oracle for $0.99 and iPaul the Octopus app for $1.99

paul octopus iphone app

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