Samsung's Road SMS, Augmented Reality app

Samsung’s new Road SMS is a judicious blend of old and new trends. It is an augmented reality app which incorporates the qwerty keyboard on the road view using the rear camera.. The app is available on the SamsungApps store.

With Road SMS, you can comfortably do multitasking on a busy street, keep typing your text and simultaneously walk safely on the road with eyes focused on open manholes, post boxes, lampposts and stray dogs. The app is very fundamental with augmented reality - a key board, a shortcut to select message recipient and a counter for characters overlayed on the view of the camera. Although there is no facility to browse through incoming messages, accompanying photographs, MMS , its pretty cool.

The mobile looks so beautiful and attractive that you always fear that your ex girlfriend will knock off its ROM and gift it to her new friend with other brand of mobiles!


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