Sorry, No More iChatr App In Your iPhone 4!

One of the unique features of iPhone 4 is the app which enables Chatroulette style video chat wherein you have the facility to see the other person face-to-face and talk owing to the front located camera eye. In this iChatr mode you can choose any stranger at random and chat with them; if you get bored, just swipe the screen, you will be connected to a new person to talk to. This provides a terrific past time which may be useful too. Occasional bumps on wrong persons are unavoidable; of course it could be an experience!

Apple is going to spring a surprise by removing this iChatr app from the iTunes app store. Apple feels there has been an excessive exposure of too many people through the app! The greatest surprise is that iChatr was approved feature even in the beginning. It is going to be a sad end to a great app; some may feel relieved too!
ichatr iphone app

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