Text Messages from Submarines using Buoys!

Captains and sailors in submarines under the sea can now text messages on strategic information and personal letters to their loved ones through a 40” long buoy tied to the vessel via the garbage disposal chute by means of long cables running in miles. According to Lockheed Martin, the designer of the system, buoys could also be air dropped to receive messages from submarines through an acoustic messaging system.

Presently mariners have to reach the water level corresponding to the periscope end and send their communication which is dangerous as they are prone to attack near the water surface. The new system ensures safety of sailors and effectiveness and quality of communication. When once the sailors complete texting, buoys could be cut and disconnected from the submarine.

An extension of this type of buoy communication would include underwater robots for sending distress signals related to sunken ship, oil leakage, lost track, diving mishap, etc., in the near future.

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