Top 10 Free apps for BADA Platform

Samsung BADA apps.Samsung is in the process of expanding its appstore globally. Meanwhile it announced the Top 10 downloaded BADA applications in last month after the launch of its first BADA phone Wave.

Out of the top 10 apps 50% are games.
Popular among the games
  • EA’s Need for Speed Shift, ranked number 2
  • Gameloft’s Real Football 2010, ranked number 5
  • Basketball, ranked number 8
All these are top 10 apps are free. However Real Football 2010 is now priced at 3 Pounds though it was also free during World Cup Tournament for promotional purpose.

Samsung apps are known for their utility and entertainment value. According to Samsung smart phone users, their phone is no more a drab calling device; it has lots of entertainment functions apart from technology solutions. The top 10 apps are listed below:
  1. Magic Torch
  2. Speed For Speed Shift
  3. Illusions
  4. South Africa 2010
  5. Real Football 2010
  6. Battery Life
  7. My Mirror
  8. Basketball
  9. Shot Gun
  10. Exciting Free Kick
Download app of your favorite and enjoy yourself! All the above apps can be downloaded from

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