Tour de France 2010 iPhone Game available on iTunes

Tour de France 2010 is an interesting and absorbing iPhone game and you can play this game as you move. The game is popular amongst the fans of two wheeler racing. Though virtual the cycle race needs to be planned with all strategies if you want a thrilling and exciting finish.
You are provided with a virtual gear and pedal mechanism which takes you up the peloton gradually. However to ensure a win you need to study the routes, race and pack aspects, data on previous tours and set the vital parameters like energy, exertion and your fitness levels.

The salient features of the tour are:
  • Distance of the tour is 3600 km with varying ground levels along the entire stretch.
  • 21 stages of sprints, mountain climbs, steep curves, etc.
  • 3 racer profiles: rouleur, fighter, climber.
iPhone Tour da france game.jpg
At the end of the game you really feel exhausted physically and feel like relaxing comfortably!

Tour de France 2010 is available on the App Store now for $1.99.

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