Xperia X10 Free Applications List

Xperia X10 Free Applications.Check out the list of amazing free android applications for Sony ericsson's Xperia X10. The apps are listed according to the categories.

Instant messaging apps: These apps are compatible with most of the popular networks like Skype, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, etc. Further free VoIP calls can be made free of cost to Skype, Google, Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger using WiFi connection.
  • Meebo IM
  • Nimbuzz
  • ISkoot For Skype
Music Apps:If you are music minded you have these fabulous options of apps.
  • TuneWiki – Lyrics of your songs are displayed while the song is being played
  • Ringdroid – Editor and WAV files for MP3 ringtones and alarm creation
  • Shazam - Recognizes and displays song, title, artist, album, etc
  • DroidLive – enables live transmission of numerous of radio broadcasting stations
  • Pandora – Lists your favorite songs and artists albums online
Photography Apps:For the photograph- savvy in you, look at these apps
  • Photoshop Android
  • Comeks Fun Photo Blogger
  • Color Pop
  • Snap Photo Pro
Gaming Apps:For the game aficionados enjoy these multiple choice of apps.
  • Nesoid – You get full screen view, audio support with time saver
  • PAC-MAN from NAMCO – it is authentic and free
  • JOYity and YouCath
  • CommBattle deadmatch
  • Labyrinth Lite.
System Apps: These applications control the mobile phone task manager and saves battery. You can pick up any app of your liking to suit your specific needs.
  • Kill App
  • App Manager
  • Advanced Task Manager
  • Power Manager
  • Battery Widget
Safety Apps:For your safety and privacy
  • BioWallet – Biometric identification which is also used as administrator password
  • Anycut – Provides a shortcut to functions
  • Phonealyzr – gives vital statistics of your Xperia X10
  • Atrackdog – Installed application on Xperia X10 are controlled, updates notified, best applications of Android reported periodically
  • WaveSecure – It is a sensitive application; automatic backup of all data; it destroys confidential matters in the event of loss or theft
Miscellaneous Apps:For your computer requirements, internet and geometric locations
  • Documents To Go – enables opening and viewing of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Scan2PDF Mobile – Photograph taken by mobile is converted to PDF format
  • The Weather Channel – Weather in your place and other locations in all formats
  • Locale – Social networking friends will know your whereabouts enabled by GPS
  • WikiMobile – Open and browse through Wikipedia
  • Wertago / Sherpa – On the principle of GPS it enables the user to explore routes, restaurants, gas stations, cinema theatres, etc., in the neighborhood
  • Ahome – enables customization of all visuals; creates themes and widgets with new icons and install wallpapers, menus, fonts, widgets, dockc, etc., of your taste
  • Sweetdreams - You can configure your Xperia X10 with unlimited alternatives; volume and brightness could be changed at different times of the day
Hope you found atleast few free apps mentioned above that suits your needs. To Download any of the app just search for the respective app in Android Market of your phone.


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