25 Best HTC Desire Applications

HTC Desire is a great phone with Android OS, 3.7-inch screen, 480x800 resolution AMOLED display, 1GHz Snapdragon processor and the 576MB of memory. Android applications are innumerable and incredible for your android phone. Some of them are downloadable for free and some on chargeable basis.

25 exquisite apps for your HTC Desire are highlighted here:

Where – When you are on the move, your current geographic location is indicated by this app. Landmarks, theaters, eat outs, gas stations, etc., in the neighborhood are also shown with distances. A very useful app while on the go.

DoggCatcher – This is a podcast downloading app for Android platform. You can configure the app to monitor specific podcasts RSS feed. It is easy to update your podcast lists with addition /deletions.

Advance Task Killer – This is an excellent energy saver app for free. Just one click stops all running applications quickly. It saves battery power.

Google Maps – This free popular app lets you know your current location and helps you find route to your destination. Other services -
  • View local friends
  • Voice navigation
  • Locate nearby restaurants, etc., with ratings and reviews
Radiant – In this arcade style shooter game with exciting twists and turns you invade aliens to overpower them quickly. Complex graphics and sound effects make the game lively.

ShopSavvy – This app lets you know where to buy best quality products at the cheapest price. The app scans barcode of the products and lists the prices in your locality and online.

Google Talk – This is a Google owned Android app for instant messaging and chat with your friends online. This is very effective for messaging all your Gmail friends.

Astro File Manager – With this free app you are able to investigate your SD card and carry out the following operations while travelling.
  • Deletion
  • Rename
  • Backup files
  • Move
Twitter – With the help of this free app you can carry out normal operations like login, view tweets from pals, send tweets to your contacts, updates your profile, etc.

Foxy Ring – This free multitasking app controls ringtone of your mobile. You can set your GPS location to set your phone to go silent, vibrate, sleep, etc.

Battery Time Lite – This nice simple application displays how much of battery life remains in your mobile so that you can recharge in advance and avoid inconvenient situation.

Google Voice – This crafty app prevents nuisance phone calls to your mobile. Register with Google and get a number.

Astrid – This is a free elegant “to do” list app for Android to assist people in managing their pending tasks and getting them done. You can track
  • Tasks with alerts
  • Time taken
Opera Mini 5 – Web browser for accessing web pages. This is a faster and more cost effective web browsing experience wherein data is retrieved by Opera servers in compressed format.

EasyNote – With this handy app you can jot down variety of things like
  • Items to carry for picnic
  • Things to do daily
  • Songs and photos downloaded
Doodle Jump – In this fun game you help a creature doodled on a square pad to reach highest point on the pad by jumping on platform without falling. You have to control the movement of the doodle by suitably tilting the handset against several obstacles.

Trapster – An exciting app to forewarn you about road blocks, speed check points and presence of cops so that you can avoid getting tickets and payment of penalties.

PhoneMyPC – With this amazing app you will have access to your computer from anywhere. You can
  • View screen contents
  • Take snapshots
FX Camera – A great free application to take funny looking photos with your Android phone. You can set a background like fisheye, etc., choose colors and other effects to add spice to your snapshots.

Google Sky Maps – Designed for sky gazers, this GPS enabled app lets you to see
  • Only stars or planets
  • Complete night sky with entire constellation
  • Correct directions
Google Goggles – This is an interesting app for visual search. Google will identify a set of objects from the snapshot taken through your mobile camera. Objects such as wine, logos, artwork, books, etc., are recognized by this app.

Locale – This app dynamically manages settings of the mobile phone based on conditions like location, time of day, getting calls from VIPs, etc.

Calorie Counter – This fitness adviser
  • Records your weight, calories consumed, workouts
  • Recommends food for breakfast, etc., after scanning calories in food
You can also check your progress with respect to prefixed standards.

Pandora – This free app provides your own personalized radio anywhere in the world. You select your favorite singer, song or jazz music. Pandora creates your radio station and plays all your music.

Meebo – This app let you login to your IM networks and chat with your clients on your mobile on the go. Your chats can be saved and history created; these can be accessed from any computer later.

Hope you found some new apps in the list. To download these apps, just search for them in the Android Market.

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15 Useful Windows Mobile Apps!

Windows Mobile was the original Smartphone OS and it has thousands of freeware apps and paid apps. Let us check 15 important apps for windows mobile.

Skyfire – Best mobile browser and renders full web pages and videos including Flash, JavaScript, Silverlight, etc. It works well with YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Hotmail and Google Docs at a high speed.

Facebook – You can
  • Access and update your profile
  • Send message
  • Access incoming messages
  • Upload snapshots and videos

Skype – You can make and receive free phone calls and IMs to your Skype contacts. Transfer files to other Skype members for free.

Google Maps – Even without GPS you can
  • Find your route to destination
  • Locate nearby office, garage, etc.
  • Find traffic in a street
Evernote – You can write hints, take photo, record voice message, upload file from your mobile and tag it for ready reference. You can store and sync data with other devices.

Viigo – This app connects you to RSS feed for access to
  • Weather report
  • Flight timings
  • E-Books
  • Games
  • Blogs
  • Podcast
DivX Mobile – With this interface you can access list of videos, play back and other functions.

Google Sync – With this service you can access Google contacts, Google calendar; read G-mail messages as they arrive.

Scrub – This small utility serves as a watchdog to identify all missing details such as phone number, email address, photo, etc., of your contacts.

Idialer – This provides a finger friendly dialpad for you to call your mobile contacts.

Adobe Reader – This miniature version of Adobe Reader enables clear viewing of file contents with zoom facility on your mobile.

Nitrogen 1.0 – This app provides finger friendly music player for your mobile enabling you to play MP3/OGG/AAC songs while on travel.

Wolf’s Translator – Free translator app using Google powered engine. Major languages of the world are covered.

Pocket UNO – This is a well known card game for members of the entire family of different age groups all over the world.

CleanRAM – When your Windows Mobile slows down, this amazing utility can clean up wasted RAM memory without the need to restart your mobile.

50+ Xbox Live Mobile Games on Windows Phone 7!

Microsoft tied the knot on the promise to use xbox with their new Windows Phone 7. At gamescom 2010 Microsoft announced a list of over 50 game titles to be Windows Phone 7 playable:
  • 3D Brick Breaker Revolution (Digital Chocolate)
  • Age of Zombies (Halfbrick)
  • Armor Valley (Protégé Games)
  • Asphalt 5 (Gameloft)
  • Assassins Creed (Gameloft)
  • Bejeweled™ LIVE (PopCap)
  • Bloons TD (Digital Goldfish)
  • Brain Challenge (Gameloft)
  • Bubble Town 2 (i-Play)
  • Butterfly (Press Start Studio)
  • CarneyVale Showtime (MGS)
  • Castlevania (Konami)
  • Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst (MGS)
  • De Blob Revolution (THQ)
  • Deal or No Deal 2010 (i-Play)
  • Earthworm Jim (Gameloft)
  • Fast & Furious 7 (i-Play)
  • Fight Game Rivals (Rough Cookie)
  • Finger Physics (Mobliss Inc.)
  • Flight Control (Namco Bandai)
  • Flowerz (Carbonated Games)
  • Frogger (Konami)
  • Fruit Ninja (Halfbrick)
  • Game Chest-Board (MGS)
  • Game Chest-Card (MGS)
  • Game Chest-Logic (MGS)
  • Game Chest-Solitaire (MGS)
  • GeoDefense (Critical Thought)
  • Ghostscape (Psionic)
  • Glow Artisan (Powerhead Games)
  • Glyder 2 (Glu Mobile)
  • Guitar Hero 5 (Glu Mobile)
  • Halo Waypoint (MGS)
  • Hexic Rush (Carbonated Games)
  • I Dig It (InMotion)
  • iBlast Moki (Godzilab)
  • ilomilo (MGS)
  • Implode XL” (IUGO)
  • Iquarium (Infinite Dreams)
  • Jet Car Stunts (True Axis)
  • Let’s Golf 2 (Gameloft)
  • Little Wheel (One click dog)
  • Loondon (Flip N Tale)
  • Max and the Magic Marker (PressPlay)
  • Mini Squadron (Supermono Limited)
  • More Brain Exercise (Namco Bandai)
  • O.M.G. (Arkedo)
  • Puzzle Quest 2 (Namco Bandai)
  • Real Soccer 2 (Gameloft)
  • The Revenants (Chaotic Moon)
  • Rise of Glory (Revo Solutions)
  • Rocket Riot (Codeglue)
  • Splinter Cell Conviction (Gameloft)
  • Star Wars: Battle for Hoth (THQ)
  • Star Wars: Cantina (THQ)
  • The Harvest (MGS)
  • The Oregon Trail (Gameloft)
  • Tower Bloxx NY (Digital Chocolate)
  • Twin Blades (Press Start Studio)
  • UNO (Gameloft)
  • Women’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet (i-Play)
  • Zombie Attack! (IUGO)
  • Zombies!!!! (Babaroga)
Hope with these games WP 7 brings tough competition to its rival iPhone and Android phones.

Driod X new ROM Bootup Video


Download Free Antivirus Apps for your Mobile

Smartphone is an unique breed of phones- it ensures connectivity, enables communication and performs as a computer, web browser, camera, place locater, TV, etc., thanks to the multivarious apps incorporated. With such complex functionalities and huge database including classified information, the mobile phone has become highly vulnerable to threats by virus and malwares in addition to attacks by hackers and spywares against its security.

Several antivirus programs have been created to protect the mobile handset and its database. Commercial as well as free Antivirus apps are available in the market to protect the phone and its data. Kaspersky and Norton are popular commercial antivirus programs.

As regards free antivirus programs, the following three apps are well received in the market at present.
  • NetQin Mobile Antivirus.
  • Antivirus free.
  • Lookout mobile antivirus.
NetQin Mobile Antivirus – This app rovides real time monitoring and firewall protection to the handset and data and it is easy to use. It supports Symbian, Android and Windows mobile handsets. Its major features include the following.
  • Enables user surf and download contents from websites without any fear of threat.
  • Explores, detects and removes virus
  • Enhances overall mobile performance
netqin Free mobile antivirus.
Antivirus Free – This app is compatible with mobiles working with Android platform. Main functions of this app are furnished below.
  • Virus scanning
  • Protection against malware
  • OS exploits
  • Security SMS filters provide additional content security
  • Blocks spam text messages
  • Odd new applications alerts
Lookout Mobile Antivirus – This Mobile security software is compatible with Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Android handsets. Apart from protection against virus and security against hackers, this app incorporates the following special features for your mobile phone.
  • Backup of mobile data online
  • Location of lost mobile device and removal of all personal particulars
  • Raises alarm having located the lost phone
Lookout free mobile antivirus
You can use any one of the above free antivirus apps that is compatible to your Smartphone.

5 Wonderful Android Apps For Professionals!

Android Apps for Professionals.Android apps are numerous and versatile. Here are some of the apps that are specially meant for professionals on the go. Check out the 5 useful Android apps for Professionals:
  • Dropbox – The app integrates your files in Smartphone and laptop for you to access and share documents when at home or travelling in a train. Normal functions like viewing, editing, saving, of files can be carried out.
  • Android Agenda Widget - This app displays agenda of events on specific days on your mobile screen for easy and quick verification frequently. This avoids verification of entire calendar which is unwieldy.
  • GTasks – This app displays the list of tasks with time duration. Tasks can be synced with your Google account; edit and view functions could be carried out in your desktop.
  • Evernote – With this app you can take photographs, text notes and Voice notes during a meeting. These documents can be synced with your laptop or desktop for retrieval at home or on the go.
  • GoodMorning – Useful app for wake up calls/remainders with personalized messages. With repeated alarms you will never forget the work to be done.
Hope these apps will make your professional life more easier. Download these apps from Android market on your phone.

Download Free BlackBerry 7digital Music Store App

7 Digital Music Store app is not just a media player, it offers you every aspect of music you can imagine for your BlackBerry mobile phone when you on the move. This is a free app downloadable from BlackBerry app world. Thousands of new tracks are added to the app’s database every week; at the same time you will be able to navigate easily and find your favorite song quickly. It can work with any type of media player including Apple’s iTunes. Other salient features of this app are given below:
  • Search and download music of your liking
  • Huge collection of latest musical hits
  • Vintage collection of immortal tunes
  • Reviews by experts
  • Latest trends in the world of music
Blackberry music app
The app supports Bluetooth, headset and speaker system which enables you to enjoy music of your choice while you are on travel.

Download 7 Digital Music Store App for your BlackBerry Phone HERE

Android App:QuickUninstaller for Batch Uninstalling

Android Market has more than 100,000 apps and games and the list is ever expanding. Normally you are provided with instructions required for installation of these apps. In case you want to remove one or more apps, you cannot simply delete them. Special software known as QuickUninstaller does this job of uninstalling apps systematically.
Quick uninstaller android.JPG
Before deleting an app QuickUninstaller initiates the following procedure.
  • Sorts apps alphabetically and on the basis of size
  • Displays date of installation of the app and its size
The uninstallation of the program as well the removal of the widget is executed by a simple click. Generally when a number of apps are required to be removed involving batch functions, QuickUninstaller is very handy.

In case you want to restore deleted apps and games, you have to select App Restore option from the Menu.

Just search for QuickUninstaller app in android market to download it.

Fennec Alpha for Android Available to Download

Good news for all Firefox lovers. Firefox for Mobile(Fennec) Alpha is now available for Android Phones and N900. To try Fennec on your mobile phone just point your browser to Firefox.com/m/alpha

Some of the features of this release are:
  • Firefox Sync synchronizes your Firefox history, bookmarks, passwords and tabs between your desktop and mobile
  • Add-ons are available to customize the functionality and look of your Firefox
  • Personalized Start page lets you pick up where you left off on your desktop
  • Awesome Screen gets to know you and takes you to your favorite websites with minimal typing
  • Pinch-to-zoom (Android), double-tab, or use the volume rocker (Nokia N900) to zoom in and out
  • Tabbed browsing in thumbnail view lets you easily see and select the site you want
  • Location-Aware Browsing gives you content and info relevant to your location
  • Save to PDF, Find In Page, Forget Password, Send Page and Add Search Engine located in the Site Menu all help you manage your preferences and options for each site you're on
  • Context Menu lets you Open in New Tab and Share by long tapping and holding a link or image
Check out the video demo of Fennex Alpha on Android mobile phone.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S with Unlock Tool!!

Great news for Samsung Galaxy S users – it is possible to your mobile phone to run with other carrier. Some inquisitive users on XDA developers have found a smart and quick way to unlock Samsung Galaxy S and its various editions to work on other networks.

The unlock codes are stored on the BAK file on the internal SD card of the handset itself and not on a separate remote server as the case of other smart phones. You need a simple hex editor script and USB connection of your phone to your desktop computer to unlock the phone.

If you feel that you will encounter any warranty problem, relax, the problem will not arise. Your handset can be relocked to its original provider with the original code.

The unlock code has also opened the floodgates of T-Mobile’s Vibrant and AT&T’s Captivate handsets to work on each other’s networks with some modifications.

To download Samsung Galaxy S Unlock Tool, just search for it in the Android market or scan the below QR code.
Samsung Galaxy S Unlock Tool QR codeFor detailed information about unlocking Galaxy S smartphone, check this LINK.

Facebook Places vs Google Maps for Mobile

Facebook Places is a newly launched location based service from the top social networking site. You can find places pertaining to following categories of products and services from Facebook Places:
  • Stores
  • Restaurants, bars and clubs
  • Establishments
  • TV shows
  • Movies
  • Games
  • Sports teams
  • Music
  • Websites
Google has also released a place oriented service in Google Maps for Mobile update. Google’s search engine strength is well known. Apart from finding location it provides the following value added services too.
  • Get your bearings in your current place of location
  • Latitude lets your friends know your location
  • Apart from locating places, it finds the hours of operation
  • Reviews about Hotel, movie, etc.
  • Voice-guided direction
  • Nearby landmarks and shops
While searching places is Google’s stronghold, it may be a matter of concern that Facebook has an astounding 500 million members compared to Google’s 100 million browsers per day. Will Facebook Places give a tough competition to Google Maps?

Download Trillian App for Android

Trillian for Android is a versatile app for chat for your busy lifestyle with crowded appointments throughout the day. The cloud synchronization feature enables carryover of your contacts and accounts to your new Android mobile. Salient features of this service include the following.
  • Landscape mode for viewing and reading comfort
  • Switching between conversation with different contacts simultaneously by just maneuvering the tabs
  • Attracting attention of friends with emoticons and funny pictures
trillian android app.JPG
Trillian is ideal chat service while you are on the go and it is compatible with
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Google Talk
  • ICQ
  • AIM
  • Facebook Chat
Trillian for Android is highly adaptable; even older devices like the G1 series can work as comfortably as the latest sophisticated versions of mobiles.

You can download this app from HERE.

StumbleUpon App for Android and iPhone Available

StumbleUpon, the popular discovery engine for your kind of content, has launched a new app which enables you to access websites of your choice. This app is compatible with Android as well as iPhone platforms. It can be downloaded for free easily. You can also exercise your well known Thumb-up and Thumb-down rights to express your appreciation or rejection of the various site contents. Other predominant features of this app are listed below.
  • You can explore websites and blogs flipping pages across hundreds of topics as if you read a magazine or newspaper
  • Get recommendations custom-built to your specific requirements so that you could see more topics of your taste
  • You can access videos, snapshots or your favorite category
  • You will see only those contents already filtered by like-minded people who share your thoughts
  • Checkout vivacious videos from YouTube and pretty photographs from Flickr
stumbleupon app.JPG
Search for the app in Android market to download it. If you are iPhone user you can download it directly from iTunes.

Download Free PEOPLE Magazine App for iPad

PEOPLE magazine by Time Inc. is an app which can be downloaded from iTunes free of cost. This app is meant for your iPad which enables you to buy special digital issue of the magazine through iTunes every week. Compared to the standard printed issue, the digital issue provides extra snapshots, videos and unique contents for iPad readers. Other exclusive features you will love to enjoy with this app are listed below.
  • Easy Navigation
  • Visually gorgeous
  • Comfortable online reading
  • Storage of any number of issues for leisure reading or sharing
people magazine iPad app
If you are a subscriber to the printed version of the PEOPLE Magazine, you can access Apple iPad Edition of the Magazine for free.

Technically there are complex problems in providing the right layout and user interface for magazines of this type. However the app provides comfortable page by page reading within your compact iPad.

Download this app free from iTunes

Real-time face tracking on the Nokia N900 Demo

This prototype from the University of Manchester (UK) shows an Active Appearance Model tracking 22 facial features (superimposed in yellow and red) in real-time on a Nokia N900 mobile phone. This demo was developed for the EU-funded 'Mobile Biometrics' (MoBio) project as part of a face verification system for access control (e.g. instead of a password to access your social networking profile) on mobile devices such as smartphones.

For more information on this video, contact philip.tresadern@manchester.ac.uk

Samsung Galaxy U Phone for LG U+ Network

Here is good news for South Korean mobile users - Samsung Galaxy U Smartphone will be soon launched for LG’s U+ network with the model designation SHW-M130L in South Korea.

Samsung Galaxy U is a power packed Smartphone with the following remarkable features.
  • 3.7” AMOLED plugs display
  • 1 GHZ processor
  • Android 2.1 OS
  • 5 Megapixel camera with HD video recording
  • 3G connectivity
  • Bluetooth version 3.0
  • 32 GB expandable memory
  • 480 x 800 pixel resolution
  • Live wall papers
  • 1500 mAh battery
  • Up to 7 hours talk time
  • Up to 370 hours standby time
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Weight 131 gms
  • Video Formats: MP, 3GP, 3GPP, K3G, Divx, Avi, Mkv, flv, asf
  • Audio Formats: MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC, MID, MIDI, FLAC
Galaxy U.JPG
The handset is available in irresistible black and white colors. Pick up your mobile phone immediately.

Flixster App Downloads Reached 20 Million

Flixter app.Flixter is a famous social networking website for movie maniacs. Flixter app installed in your iPhone enables you to access everything you want about cinemas. With this app you can carry out the following.
  • Create your own profile
  • Post reviews on movies
  • Rate actors and pictures
  • Read other user-generated reviews
In January 2010 Flixter has joined hands with Rotten Tomatoes, another heavy weight dealing with reviews, information and news exclusively devoted to the world of cinemas. This super strong combination is a boon to movie-crazy mobile users. Further this app is supported by Android and BlackBerry platforms also in addition to iPhone. The combination appears to work wonders in the recent past. A whopping 20 million fans have now installed this app in their mobile phones.

MeeGo Handset UX Build on Nokia N900.Video

Check out the video running MeeGo Handset UX Build on Nokia N900. It supports dynamic multi-tasking and more widgets.

15 Best Palm Pre Applications You Must Have!!

Palm Pre Apps.Palm Pre Smartphone which is among top 10 smartphones of this year has some excellent apps. Here are the list of 15 wonderful applications for your Palm Pre mobile:

Fandango – This app provides following crucial information to movie bugs about movies in your locality.
  • Theater, distance, movie shown and show timings
  • Review about movies
  • Location of theaters
  • Availability and booking tickets
Tweed – This app aids mobile user to get in touch with his contacts in Twitter. Also you have access for the following in your Twitter account through your mobile.
  • Send /receive tweets
  • Add / delete friends
  • Edit fonts
  • Bookmark timelines
CitySearch – This GPS enabled app explores your neighborhood and locates business houses, commercial establishments, malls, etc., and provides the route to these places from your current location. Following value added services are provided for company executives
  • Review of location/shops
  • Contact phone numbers
  • Website of the firms and malls
FlightView – Finds extensive use with globe trotters and travelling community. You can get these critical details for your travel program.
  • Airlines, Flights and destinations
  • Flight departure / arrival timings
  • Trace the flight status in map
  • Updates on flight timings and delays
ExpressStocks – Useful tool for stock market observers. You can get vital inputs on matters like
  • Overall market trend
  • Specific stock value predictions
  • Buy/sell tips
FindMYCar - This GPS enabled app is useful in locating your car. Simply pinpoint GPS location of your car, you will get the route map to your car from your present location. However you have to find out parking levels. Extra features like email, alarm for parking meter, etc., are also available.

Where – This is a well known application catering to your day-to-day needs like
  • Finding theaters, cinema, garage, hospital, Taco Bell etc., around your location including routes
  • Yellow pages directory covering products and services
  • Weather in your neighborhood
AccuWeather – This app brings you fine-tuned information about weather like forecast on hourly basis on a day / for the next 5 days, announcement about bad weather conditions - storm, snowfall, floods, etc., weather graphs, so that you can plan your outdoor trips safely.

LinkedIn – Useful for business executives who are members of LinkedIn. With your mobile you can
  • Access your business contacts
  • Browse profiles of other members
  • Make new contacts
Sudoku – This is a simple-to-play number game with pencil marker. The app incorporates the following attractive features to add more spice to Sudoku lovers.
  • Excellent graphics
  • Superlative touchscreen
  • Unlimited puzzles
  • Multilevel tasks
Pandora – This app provides different styles of music – classical, hip-hop, jazz, folk, rock, pop, etc., all streaming from radio through 7 screens with widgets on your mobile. Enjoy music of your heart’s delight in the cool comforts of your home or on the go.

Wobble Words – This is an absorbing game of word exploration. You have to race with time to make maximum number of words to get more points. As you build the word, new set letters show up to challenge your creativity; you tend to make longer words to increase your score. This addictive and challenging game is for people of all ages.

MoreStocks – This app is a very useful tool pertaining to stocks and financial markets. With this app you can
  • Review US and international market trend
  • Review your stock status and future trends
  • Take decisions on buy/sell stocks
  • Check intraday trading charts
GolfPinFinder – Excellent GPS enabled tool for golfers.
  • Indicates location and distances of golf courses around your place
  • Maps your golf course complete with holes, topography, etc.
  • Adds players specifying their strength and weakness
  • Furnishes score up to four players
JogStats – This GPS enabled weight- watch app monitors parameters like distance traversed, time taken and speed related to jogging and running. Your route map is also displayed. You can also compare your performance against set standards. You can tweet your results to friends.


15 Free Applications for s60v5 Phones

Nokia Ovi Store has brought out several exciting freeware for its S60 5th Edition mobile phones like N97, N97 mini, 5800, X6 etc. Here we have explored the following 15 selective useful versatile free apps.

Phone Torch – This is a LED system wherein your Nokia S60 5th Edition utilizes the flash system of camera application. It can also be used as a torch light with a powerful beam during the night time. This is a very useful app that turns your mobile into torch light.

S60 Internet Radio – This app enables you to listen to music, news, etc., from selective Shoutcast stations.

Wireless Keyboard – This app enables a Bluetooth wireless keyboard with which your S60 5th Edition mobile works as a mini laptop. You feel more comfortable with a standard keyboard for typing letters and reports when you are in a bus or train.

AccuWeather – This GPS enabled app brings you all fine-tuned information about weather like forecast on hourly basis on a day / for the next 10 days, announcement about bad weather conditions -storm, snowfall, floods, etc., weather graphs, so that you can plan your outdoor trips safely.

Qik – Lets you share your everyday life experiences as it happens with your family and friends right from your mobile phone. You can
  • Access your videos anywhere.
  • Your friends can watch as it happens LIVE.
  • Post to your favorite social networks.
  • Share your location .
Snaptu – This is a very interesting tool covering most of your favorite online activities like connection to Social networks like Facebook and Twitter, news channels, TV shows, weather forecast, sports, etc., by a simple click on the icons.

OVI Maps – This app provides free drive and walk navigation! You can download the app from ovi store and get new maps with Map Loader on Ovi Suite.

Fring – This app enables instant messaging, VoIP package, Skype and MSN Messenger services using Nokia’s built in 3G or WiFi connections.

Google Maps – This app lets you know your present location and the route to your next destination. New version supports Wikipedia; you also get to know the traffic in a particular route so that you can choose less congested ways to reach your destination quickly. You can find the nearest restaurant, gas station and garage in your locality. To get this app just go to m.google.com/maps from your browser.

Paint Pad – This app is a versatile paint brush tool from Nokia with most of the basic features that required for a good painting.

BBC iPlayer – You can watch variety of BBC TV and radio programs with high quality picture and sound while you travel. Live as well as DRM protected downloads of your favorite sports, news and shows can be enjoyed. This app is useful for UK residents only.

Gmail – This is an extremely useful app on the go. Being Java-based it can work in your mobile with small changes in settings. You can utilize all normal functionalities like compose/send/receive mail; you can make drafts, search mail, store contacts, accounts, etc.

YouTube – You can browse YouTube site and pick up any program of your choice fast using Wi-Fi or 3G networks. You really enjoy good quality video, whether a movie, news clipping or a rock show, when you are driving on freeways.

TFL Tube Map – This is a handy app for those visiting London for the first time; London Underground Tube rail map is readily available in your mobile for a hassle free train travel. There is no need to carry big unwieldy maps for reference while on travel.

France 24 Mobile – This app brings you news, weather, business and culture through your mobile. Updates on these aspects are available continuously in English, French or Arabic. In addition French TV channel programs can be viewed on your mobile.

To download any of the above apps, just search for it in Nokia OVI Store.

Adobe AIR for Android Phones will be Launched Shortly!

Adobe Air for Android.Adobe AIR Technology for Google’s Android platform to support various apps is expected to be released in the near future. This technology permits web applications to be run as standalone client’s app without browser. Developers are at liberty to utilize HTML/ JavaScript, Adobe Flash software and ActionScript across devices and platforms.

The latest version of Adobe AIR technology can access accessories like camera, microphone, accelerometer, GPS, etc., of the Smartphone. It can also provide hardware GPU acceleration and ability to work with multi touch screen.

Android devices with Android 2.1 version or later will support Adobe AIR technology.
It is also understood that Adobe will only test and certify AIR for Android on Google Nexus One and Motorola Droid Smartphone.

Adobe has already published a list of AIR Android apps with links to blogs and videos for explanation and clarification. Around 7000 developers are expected to work on this project. If you are a developer and wanted to participate in this project, check out this LINK.

Shopping List App for WP 7 Demo

Check out the demo of a shopping list application for WP7 written in Silverlight by Samuel Blanchard.

15 Best iPhone 4 Games

iPhone 4 is definitely an adorable gaming device. With thousands of Games available on iTunes, here are the list of 15 best games for iPhone 4 & iPad.

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor – You become a spider to play this adventure game with a touch of magic. The game costs you $2.99.

Geometry Wars – The players get into non-stop shooter mode. Touch utilizes higher graphics and faster processing to enhance game experience. This is an excellent iPad game too.

Tilt to Live – Fabulous iPhone game. In this game you have to fight red molecules by controlling white triangles. Pick up the red molecule and tilt your iPhone cleverly to destroy them.

Chaos Rings – This game is priced high because of the deep story value, traditional battles, complex weapons and incredible 3-D graphics. The epic tale has four parts and you play in pairs to win the game with turn battle system.

Flight Control – You have to draw the flight path for your plane to land on the runway. Landing of several planes at a time will pose a challenge. The game comes to a close when your aircraft collides with others.

Words with Friends – The best word game to play with kids for hours without getting bored.

Angry Birds – The story is about the attack of two angry birds whose eggs have been stolen by two pigs sheltered in a castle like structure. The game consists of 165 levels and strategic planning is needed to win the absorbing game.

Fieldrunners – In this game you have to overcome variety of obstacles like missiles, machine gun shoot, etc., by enemy intrusion. Sound effect adds to fun.

Sword and Poker – This is a card based adventure game wherein battles take place by making poker hands on a grid. This is fantastic hybrid of poker and cards game.

Fruit Ninja – In this game you are a Ninja warrior and you have to crush fruits with your fingers. Be cautious about bombs which may put an end to your juicy episodes.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene – Ideal iPhone shooting game with aliens from outer space. The game offers touch screen controls.

Doodle Jump – Help a creature doodled on a square pad to reach as high as possible on the pad by jumping on platform without falling. Tilt handset to control the movement of the doodle against obstacles.

Plant vs. Zombies
– This is the story about an army of fun loving zombies invading your home and you have zombie-zapping plants to defend yourself.

Drop 7 - You have to drop numbered blocks into corresponding numbered slots to get points. When you do it correctly the block disappears.

Civilization Revolution – The theme of the game is development of mankind from the ancient times to the modern era. Build your country strong with technology and spirit of exploration.

Hope you enjoyed these 15 Top gaming applications for iPhone 4/iPad. If I had missed any extraordinary game for iPhone 4, please use comments section to update the games list.


BlackBerry vs iPhone vs Android to Choose From?

Smartphone is the Mantra in business and personal life now. Three major players BlackBerry, iPhone and Google Android dominate the Smartphone market today.

The inevitable question “which one of them is the best buy for me?” does not have a ready-made solution. Define your requirements first, whether the phone is to be used for more of business purpose or private use or to build social networking contacts, etc. Then study the salient features of the individual phones including their strength and weakness and select the right handset for your specific needs.

Let us look at the features of the three great mobiles:

BLACK BERRY PHONES: BlackBerry Phone is a time tested mobile for professionals with strong e-mail and messaging functionalities. This has been in service for about a decade with satisfactory performance.

  • Superior email, contact management, calendaring features with high productivity.
  • Reasonably long battery life with optimum power consumption Best battery among the top three mobiles.
  • High quality high efficiency hardware.
  • The handset is highly durable under any environment while in office or on the road.
  • Strong with business customers.
  • Business messaging integration is possible only with Black Berry’s own server software which results in additional cost.
  • Poor performance on web browsing.
  • Poor in personal usage.
  • Applications are limited in number compared to Android and Apple apps and are more expensive.
APPLE’S iPHONE: This state-of-the-art mobile rules the roost at present. It has several unique and creative features for all users though it was developed primarily for personal use. iPhone 4 had field problems due to hardware and non compatibility of new iOS 4 with older versions of the mobile also need to be sorted out. Apple techies are on the job and are expected to solve the issues in the near future.

  • Provides judicious balance of functions between private and business clients.
  • Safari does a fabulous job in web browsing.
  • Efficient leveraging of ActiveSync for integration of corporate messaging system.
  • Most stable and dependable OS in the market with lots of unique features.
  • Strong app store with a large gamut of imaginative applications.
  • Fragile handset which needs to be handled with extra care. Improvements to strengthen the handset against breaking on impact are under progress.
  • Poor battery life. Battery cannot be removed. This is the biggest drawback which will pose lot of inconvenience to corporate users
ANDROID SMARTPHONE: The device inherits Google’s strength in terms of hardware, OS and Android Store with thousands of applications.

  • Versatile Android OS permits incorporation of variety of hardware.
  • Open source platform offers flexibility so that vendors can develop platforms of their own for their specific hardware.
  • Android Market provides thousands of application, majority of them are useful and efficient.
  • Ideal for corporate messaging system with Microsoft ActiveSync integration
  • Poor battery performance.
  • Open source platform suffers the drawback of “disconnect” as the performance varies from device to device.
Choose a Phone Platfrom that suit your needs. All the above three are stable platforms and you won't regret of buying any of the above platform phones for sure!!

Apple Unveils iOS 4.0.2 To Counter Jailbreaking!

Apple has done a great job in the security aspects of its products, in particular, iPhones. Hitherto hackers could jailbreak the iPhone 4 with the magic of a PDF in a single click.

As everyone in the geek world is busy finding their own formula for jailbreaking, Apple seems to be more worried about the undesirable consequences of unlocking iPhone 4. If the entire system control is exposed to hackers the protectionism of the product goes kaput. Naturally Apple has now got into its fire fighting mode.

In its best efforts to stop easy jailbreaking process, Apple unveiled iOS 4.0.2 version to fix the widely reported PDF exploit. This seems to helps in protecting the database in the iPhone system from the hackers. However, where jailbreaking has already been carried out, iOS 4.0.2 may not be effective for data protection.

Apple Will Launch its Brand New iTV Shortly!!

Apple is expected to release Apple TV soon. The internal functional parts will also be similar to that of iPhone with A4 CPU and 16 GB Flash storage. The familiar and popular iTunes will also flow through the Apple TV to add spice to the device.

The gadget was originally planned to handle 1080i or 1080p which is the characteristic of generation-next TV with High Resolution and High Definition. However, as of now, the product is capable of handling 720p video only presumably due to the problems in A4. It may be noted that Apple’s previous version iPhone 3GS is fully compatible with HD video.

The device is likely to get its apps from Apple’s App Store. Apple has renamed the device as iTV befitting the large gamut of its other iProducts.

TetherMe, an iPhone Tethering App

iPhone Tethering app.TetherMe dynamically enables native tethering for iOS3.X and iOS4.X+ devices. This should work on any carrier without the need for customized bundles or preferences.

TetherMe has been tested to work on all iOS versions from 3.0 to 4.0.1 and works by telling the iPhone to allow tethering on any APN that is used for iPhone data. As a result, you should not be charged extra from your phone company as all tethering data appears to come from the phone itself.

TetherMe also bypasses signature checking and allows you to edit your carrier bundle manually if you so desire. This is required to enable MMS functionality on T-Mobile. TetherMe does NOT enable the loading of APN configurations from .mobileconfig profiles at this time. This method should work on every carrier without any additional user interaction.

There is no icon for this item. After installation and reboot, tethering will be available to turn on in Settings -> General -> Network, or install the Tethering Toggle for SBSettings

You can search the app from Cydia and purchase it for $1.99.

Chopper 2 Game Brings iPhone and iPad together

The new helicopter game released by Apple’s App Store is grand with all the ingredients of a thrilling war game in the mid air. Named “Chopper 2”, the game is about an air battle wherein you, as the captain of the fighter helicopter, have the following tasks to carry out.
  • Control the flight
  • Combat enemies with missiles, bombs and machine guns
  • Fight ground force of the enemy
  • Rescue civilians and drop them in safe places
  • Safeguard friendly convoys
  • Avoid birds flying across your way
You will have limited time to complete the attack and return victorious.
chopper 2 iphone game
The beauty of the game lies in connecting both iPad and iPhone. You can use the fantastic remote control feature to wirelessly control the iPad with an iPhone over bluetooth. Your iPad is the battle ground and your iPhone is ground control device for your fighter air craft. There are 32 missions in 12 different locations. In your effort to maintain the balance of the copter against fierce enemy attack, you have to tilt and shake the iPhone controller briskly to win the battle. The background music is enchanting. This is an exciting game you love to play for hours.

Get the Chopper 2 game from iTunes for $2.99


Chrome to Phone Extension for Android device!!

With the new Chrome to Phone Extension, you can instantly send the current web page, map, YouTube video, or selected phone number or text from Google Chrome browser on your computer to your Android device. Check out the below video to know more about Chrome to Phone extension for your Android mobile.

To get Chrome to Phone, install the extension in your Google Chrome browser and the Android app on your phone from Android Market.

Samsung Galaxy S: 15 Free Android Applications

Samsung Galaxy-S Apps.Samsung Galaxy S is a big hit in smartphone market. Below are the 15 useful and fascinating free Android applications which can be incorporated in your Samsung Galaxy-S (Vibrant) Smartphone.

Dropbox Anywhere – The app integrates your files in Smartphone and laptop so that you can access documents when at home or travelling in a train. Normal functions like viewing, editing, saving, retrieving of files can be carried out wherever you are.

LauncherPro – This is a beautiful app for customizing your screen to suit your specific requirements. You can organize your battery, social network, email/contacts/messages, etc., in different screens, widgets for shortcut for phone, e-mail etc., and maneuver the screen with soft touch and flip of the fingers.

Easynote – This handy app is similar to a scribbling pad to jot down any type of data/action plan like
  • Things to take when on holidays
  • Monthly groceries list
Make it your home screen so that the lists serve as reminders.

Meebo - For the chatter box in you, Meebo connects you to friends for a relaxed chat. You can also access saved chats and history details from your laptop or desktop.

Twitter – With the help of this free app you can carry out normal operations like login, view tweets from pals, send tweets to your contacts, verify profile of contacts, messages, updates your profile, etc.

IMDB Movies & TV - The best amusement app for the movie bugs with a huge collection of movie database. The app enables the following.
  • Watch super quality movie trailers
  • Access TV listing
  • Flip thousands of photographs
  • Find show times of movies in different theaters
Amazon Kindle – Versatile app for e-book browsing and reading. With Kindle app you can sync between your last pages read on your Kindle and the Smartphone. This feature comes in handy for books running into hundreds of pages. You can access Amazon Kindle’s complete eBook library.

Advanced Task Killer – When several programs are running on your mobile screen, you may like to close some of them. Advanced Task Killer does the job of closing the screens quickly. Program running in the background can also be closed. Screen looks clean.

Google Goggles – This is an interesting app for visual search. Goggle will identify a set of objects from the snapshot taken through your mobile camera. Eight type of objects such as wine, logos, artwork, books, etc., are recognized by this app. It provides a nice pastime.

Jump – In this game you have to help a creature on a square pad to reach as high as possible on the pad by jumping on platform without falling. You have to control the movement by suitably tilting the handset against several obstacles. This fun game is exciting and addictive.

Barcode Scanner – This app enables
  • Scanning of barcodes on books, CDs.
  • Find prices and reviews.
  • Scan QR codes containing URLs, calendar events, contact details.
  • Find words and their place of occurrence in books.
Astro File Manager – With this free app you can able to investigate your SD card and carry out the following operations.
  • Deletion
  • Rename
  • Backup files
  • Move
Adobe Reader - This free app is a PDF reader for your handset. The app enables these features.
  • Pinch and zoom.
  • Double tap zoom.
  • Flick-scrolling and panning.
The new “Reflow” mode provides comfortable handling of bulky files on the small screen of the phone.

AppBrain – When you want to search, find and install several apps to your smartphone, you may resort to AppBrain for doing this task quickly. With AppBrain downloaded on your phone, opens AppBrain website. The app interacts with the site and does the rest of the job.

Pandora – This app provides different styles of music – classical, hip-hop, jazz, folk, rock, pop, etc., all streaming from radio through 7 screens with widgets on your mobile. Enjoy music of your heart’s delight in the cool comforts of your home or on the go.

To download any of the above app, just search for the app in Android Market on your mobile.

Also check out the 30 Android apps I use on my phone.

Update for HTC HD mini Audio Muting

HTC HD mini.HTC finally released an update for HTC HD mini to fix Audio muting issue. This update improves sound handling when in a call. This update is only applicable to ROM versions less than or equal to 1.36.XXX.X

How to install the update on your HTC HD mini?
  1. Make sure you have Microsoft ActiveSync installed on your Windows XP PC or Windows Mobile Device Center on your Windows Vista PC.
  2. Connect and synchronize your device with your PC via Microsoft ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center using the USB cable.
  3. To download this update select the update from HERE and the location closest to you then click Download.
  4. Copy the update, which is an .exe file, to your device. To install the update, tap the .exe file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. First execute the file RUU_PHO3693_20100728.exe on your PC while your phone is connected. This will update critical files before you begin your update.
  6. Then, copy the update, PHO03693.exe, to your device. The tap the exe file on your phone and follow the on-screen instructions

Download U-Verse iPhone App & Watch TV Shows

Are you a proud owner of an iPhone? Great news for you, AT&T has a new app, U-verse Mobile, for you to download and watch selected TV programs from your handset for free. You should be a subscriber to U-verse digital TV to avail this facility.

Though the name of the TV companies and the shows are not still clear, your favorite ABC network shows like Cougar Town, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, and Ugly Betty appear to be part of the package. The shows can be downloaded via Wi-Fi network.

U-verse Mobile app has the following key functions.
  • Remote management and schedule of DVR recordings
  • Search and view of channel guides
  • Bookmarking of preferred networks and shows
U-verse iPhone app
Major setback of this app is the absence of place shifting technology – you can watch the shows from the mobile only and not through other remote devices like home TV.

Download U-Verse iPhone App for free from iTunes

BlackBerry Podcasts App now Available!!

Now you can enjoy free entertainment with podcasts app on your BlackBerry Smartphone. Right now the podcast app is under Beta zone testing.

Free podcasts, both audio and video, are delivered with BlackBerry Podcast app. With the app you can carry out the following.
  • Browse and find podcasts on different categories like arts, News, business, TV, film, sports, technology, travel, etc.
  • Play podcasts directly from your handset on downloading.
  • You receive updates on new arrival of podcasts and you can download them.
blackberry podcast app.JPG
We hope to see some of the following features in the final release of podcast app:
  • Introducing trendy topics like Ted Talks is better.
  • Diggnation, the impressive weekly tech/web culture show, now available in audio format should be made available in video format also.
Podcast App can be downloaded from BlackBerry’s App World.

10 Best iPhone Apps this year!!

Best iPhone Apps.
Check out the 10 best iPhone Apps released so far in this year:

Geodelic – Launch this app to find out hotels, places of attraction, malls, garage, deals, etc., in your locality by simple clicks. It is an elegant and easy method to know things around you.

FreeAppADay (FAAD) FAAD has a tie-up with developers so that the members are able to get one fantastic app from developers for free. In the normal course these are paid apps. This means a lot of saving for the FAAD community.

iMovie This app imparts fun features to videos with elaborate editing exclusively for iPhone 4. You can create an interesting and hilarious HD comic strip with this wonder tool.

Monkey Island 2This adventure game is an improvement on the first edition. This revised edition has enhanced graphics and renewed music score. The story value, puzzle and humor keep the players addicted.

God Finger In this game you have to work wonders so that planet farmers become your faithful followers. As their new Master use them to build houses, industries, etc., and make your planet prosperous.

Angry Birds The story is about the attack of two angry birds whose eggs have been stolen by two pigs sheltered in a castle like structure. The game consists of 165 levels and strategic planning is needed to win the absorbing game.

Wolfram Alpha This $1.99 priced app is about seeking knowledge. You have access to answer for any type of question like
  • Amount of calories in a bowl of cooked grains
  • Children’s population in France
Fruit Ninja In this game you are a Ninja warrior and you have to crush fruits with your fingers. Be cautious about bombs which may put an end to your juicy episodes. This is a real messy game with lots of challenge and fun.

Chaos RingsThis game is priced high because of the deep story value, traditional battles, complex weapons and incredible 3-D graphics. The epic tale has four parts and you play in pairs to win the game.

FoursquareThis app helps you to explore your city in novel methods. You have to locate the places of your friends and places where they frequently visit to earn rewards. The app kindles your exploratory skills.

Did you try all the above apps? Wat iPhone app, that released this year you like most?

Motorola's Droid 2 Features Preview

Check out the preview video of new Motorola Droid 2.

HTC HD2 Free Applications Download!!

HTC HD2 Free Apps.
HTC HD2 is one of the best selling windows mobile phone currently in the market. Check out the below list for some of the Free Windows Mobile apps for HTC HD2:

Google Maps – This is an extremely useful app for your geometric location and movement anywhere in the world. It searches and finds your route, gets you the nicest restaurant in your surrounding area, takes you through the smallest lanes to locate the specific building for official or personal purposes. You can see the traffic jam in a particular part of the freeway and choose a different route to reach your destination on time. Topography of your route can also be explored so that you can avoid bumpy and bad roads.

Facebook – This app enables you to maintain your contacts in the most popular social network Facebook. You can add new friends after examining their background. Likewise nuisance contacts can be deleted. Apart from messages you can upload videos, pictures music, birthday greetings, etc., to your beloved ones. You can write messages on you wall for sharing with your pals and comment on others messages.

Shake and Save – is an innovative app which makes use of accelerator in your mobile phone. When you come across a breathtaking sight on a web page, you can save the page with this app by a gentle shake of the handset. This is a very useful app especially when you are on the move.

MyPhone - This app is helpful in transferring or taking back up of all data including pictures, music, contacts and videos to a new mobile from a damaged or old one. You can even locate your lost phone and wipe out vital details or lock your phone.

Skype – This app enables free calls, instant messages and chats between Skype members. You can call other phone numbers for a nominal fee. See the people at the other end as you talk to them. You can add new contacts and delete unwanted contacts. This is the cheapest method of communication with friends and relatives all over the world.

Travelling Blogger – This is a useful app for the blogging community. You can create new blog posts, add pictures & videos, link to different sites with hyperlinks, insert HTML codes and publish them in different categories.


Evernote – This is an amazing online scribbling pad. Want to retrieve an address noted on your laptop or desktop to your mobile suddenly? This app makes it possible as long as you are online and used evernote for saving texts. You can store videos, photographs apart from texts and use it anywhere else.

Tiny Twitter -The special breakdown feature imparted by this app enables you to see quite a lot of messages and tweets on your mobile screen. Popular tweets and tweeters in the neighborhood can be found with this app.

Gsync – With the help of this app you will get your Gmail updates as and when you get a mail. You are able to get Google calendar and Google contacts in a similar manner. This app has certain limitation as it is a Google Chrome Beta version.

Photoshop.com Mobile – As the name implies this app enables you to upload snapshots, classify, edit and view them with your browser. You can upload photos taken from your mobile. This app is very handy for capturing and editing pictures while on picnic or family functions.

Skyfire – With this wonderful mobile browser you can browse through web pages together with JavaScript, Silverlight, CSS and PDF. It also supports video and audio sharing websites like YouTube, BBC iPlayer, etc., and updates of Facebook, Twitter and RSS.

Bing – This app enables advanced form of location search. Basically it uses GPS or mobile signal towers for path finding. This is better than Google Maps in maneuvering especially when you change your route suddenly. You can locate a smaller eat out or a gas station in your neighborhood without any hassle.

What free apps you use for HTC HD2? Respond through comments section.

Adobe Flash Player on Droid 2 Video

Check out the video demonstrating Adobe Flash Player 10.1 on Motorola Droid 2.


Type n Talk iPhone App, this week's Top App

Type n Talk iPhone app.Type n Talk is an amusing app from Apple iPhone for free. As you type the words your iPhone reads and talks the words in a typical robotic voice. This app owes its origin to a homepage known as Speak ’n Spell, an entertainment cum educational toy of the 80s. The voice is clear, distinct and much better than that of Speak ‘n Spell.

A compact built-in dictionary feature enables the app to pronounce the words correctly. Words like California, Texas, station, etc., are identified and read without mistake in a robotic gruff voice. However it goofs and mispronounces words like France, transformer, etc., with “fr” and “tr” composition. In case of words like walk, colonel, psychology etc., which are pronounced differently, the app suffers miserably.

Despite all these anomalies this app is definitely interesting and useful which is evident from the fact that it has been downloaded from the iPhone App Store for more than three million times.

If you havent tried this app yet, just download it from iTunes.

TweetDeck for Android Platform Launching Soon!!

tweetdeck.TweetDeck is a personal real-time browse which enables you to contact your friends in the social networks like Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, Facebook, FourSquare and many more. It is compatible with several operating systems.

While the iPhone version is also available, there has been a long wait for the release the version compatible with Android platform. As per the latest news the app is ready for trial and is expected to be released for public beta testing shortly.

The release of this app is expected to bring about a realignment of similar apps pertaining to social networks. As an integral application for Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, FourSquare, etc., users may find this app more useful and convenient for their mobiles. Eventually they may bid farewell to the existing individual Twitter, Facebook apps.

Voice Tweet from any Mobile via SpokenTwit

Are you an avid Twitter addict with thousands of followers? Are you unable to spend time on your computer or laptop due to work pressure or other preoccupation? Do you find it difficult to type out tweets using your mobile phone’s tiny keyboard? Under these circumstances SpokenTwit.com comes to your rescue. Just follow the below steps:
  1. Register with this site furnishing your Twitter account details.
  2. After signing in your SpokeTwit.com account, dial the relevant number of the country USA, UK, France, etc., where you are at present
  3. Enter your SpokeTwit.com account number and simply convey your tweet by your speech. The tweet reaches your friend directly.
With solid telephone connection your voice reception will be excellent and faithful reproduction without any distortion so that your friend can listen to it comfortably. You can contact your Twitter pals anywhere in the world. You no need to worry about data charges or twitter apps to be installed. You can keep your SpokenTwit.com number on your speed dial for ready reference and use.
spoken twit numbers.JPG
Some of the Features mentioned on spokentwit.com: (via any phone)
  • Post spoken tweets to Twitter
  • Unlimited recording length
  • NO 140 character restriction
  • Voice tweet in local language
  • Followers, hear real voice
  • Tweet while mobile / offline
  • Local access numbers
  • Listen to Twitter text timeline
  • Audio playback of voice tweets
  • @Replies to tweets
  • Delete your tweets
For more details and numbers to dail just visit SpokenTwit.com

Droid X Tips and Tweaks !!

Droid X.
Motorola’s Droid X is a power packed Smartphone with a number of interesting and useful features. Some of the tweaks, tips and tricks to operate the mobile phone are given below:

There are 7 home screens each housing different functional areas:
Screens can be flipped by gentle swipe of your fingers. Widgets are provided for ease of use for the customers which are totally customizable.

Screens on the left:
  • First screen pertains to communication functions and contacts like Gmail, messages, Skype, appointments, Backup Assistant, etc.
  • Second screen is meant for battery management. You can shut power guzzlers like GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., when not in use. Setting of mobile in airplane mode, weather updates and 3G mobile hotpot app are also located on this screen.
  • Third screen handles social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Screens on the right:
  • First screen takes care of traditional phone functions like voice dialing, recent calls, favorites, find contacts, etc.
  • Second screen accommodates audio and video Entertainments including music, photographs and camera.
  • Third screen is meant for RSS feeds.
Swiping action is definitely faster than maneuvering menu buttons to access different panels.

Salient features of the Droid X, Droid2 with different apps are listed below:
  • Zap Apps App permits shutdown of power devouring units to save power.
  • SWYPE It – With the special Swype keyboard you don’t have to move your fingers from the touch screen. Typing speed is really fast.
  • Speak Your Text - With this voice search feature you can give voice command instead of writing and get the job done while on the go.
  • Skype – Skype is an integral part of Droid X and you can contact people from anywhere. All skype to Skype calls and IMs are free and you save a lot on that. However US calls will be routed through Verizon Wireless on chargeable basis.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot with windows enables reception of strong signals.Wi-Fi Hotspot takes more power. To prevent rapid battery drain keep your Droid X connected to your laptop USB port.
Motorola Droid 2 Will be launched shortly with the same features of Droid X.


Top 5 iPhone Apps for Sports Lovers!

If you are baseball buddy or soccer fan you will have a field day with a huge collection of sports centric iPhone apps.

Top 5 of the Sports apps for iPhone are listed below:

ESPN ScoreCenter – Ideal for single sports source for games like rugby and soccer. Access 500 sports events worldwide and get overall status and game-wise details.
espn sports center iphone app.JPG
FanGraphics – Best for baseball lovers. Rare and interesting baseball statistics as furnished by FanGraphs.com are provided with integration to real time game.
FanGraph iPhone app.JPG
Fantasy Monster – Most suited for viewers of fantasy league sports through Yahoo service. It is super in supporting team management functionality. You can also try the free version Fantasy Monster Lite.

NBA Game Time – Entire gamut of NBA sports activities including videos of live games and replays can be accessed with this app.
nba game time iphone app.JPG

FOX Sports Mobile – For focus on American Sports this app is the right choice. This has interactive feature also in addition to all standard features to view games.

Hope sports lovers had fun with these apps.

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