10 Best iPhone Apps this year!!

Best iPhone Apps.
Check out the 10 best iPhone Apps released so far in this year:

Geodelic – Launch this app to find out hotels, places of attraction, malls, garage, deals, etc., in your locality by simple clicks. It is an elegant and easy method to know things around you.

FreeAppADay (FAAD) FAAD has a tie-up with developers so that the members are able to get one fantastic app from developers for free. In the normal course these are paid apps. This means a lot of saving for the FAAD community.

iMovie This app imparts fun features to videos with elaborate editing exclusively for iPhone 4. You can create an interesting and hilarious HD comic strip with this wonder tool.

Monkey Island 2This adventure game is an improvement on the first edition. This revised edition has enhanced graphics and renewed music score. The story value, puzzle and humor keep the players addicted.

God Finger In this game you have to work wonders so that planet farmers become your faithful followers. As their new Master use them to build houses, industries, etc., and make your planet prosperous.

Angry Birds The story is about the attack of two angry birds whose eggs have been stolen by two pigs sheltered in a castle like structure. The game consists of 165 levels and strategic planning is needed to win the absorbing game.

Wolfram Alpha This $1.99 priced app is about seeking knowledge. You have access to answer for any type of question like
  • Amount of calories in a bowl of cooked grains
  • Children’s population in France
Fruit Ninja In this game you are a Ninja warrior and you have to crush fruits with your fingers. Be cautious about bombs which may put an end to your juicy episodes. This is a real messy game with lots of challenge and fun.

Chaos RingsThis game is priced high because of the deep story value, traditional battles, complex weapons and incredible 3-D graphics. The epic tale has four parts and you play in pairs to win the game.

FoursquareThis app helps you to explore your city in novel methods. You have to locate the places of your friends and places where they frequently visit to earn rewards. The app kindles your exploratory skills.

Did you try all the above apps? Wat iPhone app, that released this year you like most?

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