15 Best iPhone 4 Games

iPhone 4 is definitely an adorable gaming device. With thousands of Games available on iTunes, here are the list of 15 best games for iPhone 4 & iPad.

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor – You become a spider to play this adventure game with a touch of magic. The game costs you $2.99.

Geometry Wars – The players get into non-stop shooter mode. Touch utilizes higher graphics and faster processing to enhance game experience. This is an excellent iPad game too.

Tilt to Live – Fabulous iPhone game. In this game you have to fight red molecules by controlling white triangles. Pick up the red molecule and tilt your iPhone cleverly to destroy them.

Chaos Rings – This game is priced high because of the deep story value, traditional battles, complex weapons and incredible 3-D graphics. The epic tale has four parts and you play in pairs to win the game with turn battle system.

Flight Control – You have to draw the flight path for your plane to land on the runway. Landing of several planes at a time will pose a challenge. The game comes to a close when your aircraft collides with others.

Words with Friends – The best word game to play with kids for hours without getting bored.

Angry Birds – The story is about the attack of two angry birds whose eggs have been stolen by two pigs sheltered in a castle like structure. The game consists of 165 levels and strategic planning is needed to win the absorbing game.

Fieldrunners – In this game you have to overcome variety of obstacles like missiles, machine gun shoot, etc., by enemy intrusion. Sound effect adds to fun.

Sword and Poker – This is a card based adventure game wherein battles take place by making poker hands on a grid. This is fantastic hybrid of poker and cards game.

Fruit Ninja – In this game you are a Ninja warrior and you have to crush fruits with your fingers. Be cautious about bombs which may put an end to your juicy episodes.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene – Ideal iPhone shooting game with aliens from outer space. The game offers touch screen controls.

Doodle Jump – Help a creature doodled on a square pad to reach as high as possible on the pad by jumping on platform without falling. Tilt handset to control the movement of the doodle against obstacles.

Plant vs. Zombies
– This is the story about an army of fun loving zombies invading your home and you have zombie-zapping plants to defend yourself.

Drop 7 - You have to drop numbered blocks into corresponding numbered slots to get points. When you do it correctly the block disappears.

Civilization Revolution – The theme of the game is development of mankind from the ancient times to the modern era. Build your country strong with technology and spirit of exploration.

Hope you enjoyed these 15 Top gaming applications for iPhone 4/iPad. If I had missed any extraordinary game for iPhone 4, please use comments section to update the games list.


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