15 Best Palm Pre Applications You Must Have!!

Palm Pre Apps.Palm Pre Smartphone which is among top 10 smartphones of this year has some excellent apps. Here are the list of 15 wonderful applications for your Palm Pre mobile:

Fandango – This app provides following crucial information to movie bugs about movies in your locality.
  • Theater, distance, movie shown and show timings
  • Review about movies
  • Location of theaters
  • Availability and booking tickets
Tweed – This app aids mobile user to get in touch with his contacts in Twitter. Also you have access for the following in your Twitter account through your mobile.
  • Send /receive tweets
  • Add / delete friends
  • Edit fonts
  • Bookmark timelines
CitySearch – This GPS enabled app explores your neighborhood and locates business houses, commercial establishments, malls, etc., and provides the route to these places from your current location. Following value added services are provided for company executives
  • Review of location/shops
  • Contact phone numbers
  • Website of the firms and malls
FlightView – Finds extensive use with globe trotters and travelling community. You can get these critical details for your travel program.
  • Airlines, Flights and destinations
  • Flight departure / arrival timings
  • Trace the flight status in map
  • Updates on flight timings and delays
ExpressStocks – Useful tool for stock market observers. You can get vital inputs on matters like
  • Overall market trend
  • Specific stock value predictions
  • Buy/sell tips
FindMYCar - This GPS enabled app is useful in locating your car. Simply pinpoint GPS location of your car, you will get the route map to your car from your present location. However you have to find out parking levels. Extra features like email, alarm for parking meter, etc., are also available.

Where – This is a well known application catering to your day-to-day needs like
  • Finding theaters, cinema, garage, hospital, Taco Bell etc., around your location including routes
  • Yellow pages directory covering products and services
  • Weather in your neighborhood
AccuWeather – This app brings you fine-tuned information about weather like forecast on hourly basis on a day / for the next 5 days, announcement about bad weather conditions - storm, snowfall, floods, etc., weather graphs, so that you can plan your outdoor trips safely.

LinkedIn – Useful for business executives who are members of LinkedIn. With your mobile you can
  • Access your business contacts
  • Browse profiles of other members
  • Make new contacts
Sudoku – This is a simple-to-play number game with pencil marker. The app incorporates the following attractive features to add more spice to Sudoku lovers.
  • Excellent graphics
  • Superlative touchscreen
  • Unlimited puzzles
  • Multilevel tasks
Pandora – This app provides different styles of music – classical, hip-hop, jazz, folk, rock, pop, etc., all streaming from radio through 7 screens with widgets on your mobile. Enjoy music of your heart’s delight in the cool comforts of your home or on the go.

Wobble Words – This is an absorbing game of word exploration. You have to race with time to make maximum number of words to get more points. As you build the word, new set letters show up to challenge your creativity; you tend to make longer words to increase your score. This addictive and challenging game is for people of all ages.

MoreStocks – This app is a very useful tool pertaining to stocks and financial markets. With this app you can
  • Review US and international market trend
  • Review your stock status and future trends
  • Take decisions on buy/sell stocks
  • Check intraday trading charts
GolfPinFinder – Excellent GPS enabled tool for golfers.
  • Indicates location and distances of golf courses around your place
  • Maps your golf course complete with holes, topography, etc.
  • Adds players specifying their strength and weakness
  • Furnishes score up to four players
JogStats – This GPS enabled weight- watch app monitors parameters like distance traversed, time taken and speed related to jogging and running. Your route map is also displayed. You can also compare your performance against set standards. You can tweet your results to friends.


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