15 Free Applications for s60v5 Phones

Nokia Ovi Store has brought out several exciting freeware for its S60 5th Edition mobile phones like N97, N97 mini, 5800, X6 etc. Here we have explored the following 15 selective useful versatile free apps.

Phone Torch – This is a LED system wherein your Nokia S60 5th Edition utilizes the flash system of camera application. It can also be used as a torch light with a powerful beam during the night time. This is a very useful app that turns your mobile into torch light.

S60 Internet Radio – This app enables you to listen to music, news, etc., from selective Shoutcast stations.

Wireless Keyboard – This app enables a Bluetooth wireless keyboard with which your S60 5th Edition mobile works as a mini laptop. You feel more comfortable with a standard keyboard for typing letters and reports when you are in a bus or train.

AccuWeather – This GPS enabled app brings you all fine-tuned information about weather like forecast on hourly basis on a day / for the next 10 days, announcement about bad weather conditions -storm, snowfall, floods, etc., weather graphs, so that you can plan your outdoor trips safely.

Qik – Lets you share your everyday life experiences as it happens with your family and friends right from your mobile phone. You can
  • Access your videos anywhere.
  • Your friends can watch as it happens LIVE.
  • Post to your favorite social networks.
  • Share your location .
Snaptu – This is a very interesting tool covering most of your favorite online activities like connection to Social networks like Facebook and Twitter, news channels, TV shows, weather forecast, sports, etc., by a simple click on the icons.

OVI Maps – This app provides free drive and walk navigation! You can download the app from ovi store and get new maps with Map Loader on Ovi Suite.

Fring – This app enables instant messaging, VoIP package, Skype and MSN Messenger services using Nokia’s built in 3G or WiFi connections.

Google Maps – This app lets you know your present location and the route to your next destination. New version supports Wikipedia; you also get to know the traffic in a particular route so that you can choose less congested ways to reach your destination quickly. You can find the nearest restaurant, gas station and garage in your locality. To get this app just go to m.google.com/maps from your browser.

Paint Pad – This app is a versatile paint brush tool from Nokia with most of the basic features that required for a good painting.

BBC iPlayer – You can watch variety of BBC TV and radio programs with high quality picture and sound while you travel. Live as well as DRM protected downloads of your favorite sports, news and shows can be enjoyed. This app is useful for UK residents only.

Gmail – This is an extremely useful app on the go. Being Java-based it can work in your mobile with small changes in settings. You can utilize all normal functionalities like compose/send/receive mail; you can make drafts, search mail, store contacts, accounts, etc.

YouTube – You can browse YouTube site and pick up any program of your choice fast using Wi-Fi or 3G networks. You really enjoy good quality video, whether a movie, news clipping or a rock show, when you are driving on freeways.

TFL Tube Map – This is a handy app for those visiting London for the first time; London Underground Tube rail map is readily available in your mobile for a hassle free train travel. There is no need to carry big unwieldy maps for reference while on travel.

France 24 Mobile – This app brings you news, weather, business and culture through your mobile. Updates on these aspects are available continuously in English, French or Arabic. In addition French TV channel programs can be viewed on your mobile.

To download any of the above apps, just search for it in Nokia OVI Store.

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