15 Useful Windows Mobile Apps!

Windows Mobile was the original Smartphone OS and it has thousands of freeware apps and paid apps. Let us check 15 important apps for windows mobile.

Skyfire – Best mobile browser and renders full web pages and videos including Flash, JavaScript, Silverlight, etc. It works well with YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Hotmail and Google Docs at a high speed.

Facebook – You can
  • Access and update your profile
  • Send message
  • Access incoming messages
  • Upload snapshots and videos

Skype – You can make and receive free phone calls and IMs to your Skype contacts. Transfer files to other Skype members for free.

Google Maps – Even without GPS you can
  • Find your route to destination
  • Locate nearby office, garage, etc.
  • Find traffic in a street
Evernote – You can write hints, take photo, record voice message, upload file from your mobile and tag it for ready reference. You can store and sync data with other devices.

Viigo – This app connects you to RSS feed for access to
  • Weather report
  • Flight timings
  • E-Books
  • Games
  • Blogs
  • Podcast
DivX Mobile – With this interface you can access list of videos, play back and other functions.

Google Sync – With this service you can access Google contacts, Google calendar; read G-mail messages as they arrive.

Scrub – This small utility serves as a watchdog to identify all missing details such as phone number, email address, photo, etc., of your contacts.

Idialer – This provides a finger friendly dialpad for you to call your mobile contacts.

Adobe Reader – This miniature version of Adobe Reader enables clear viewing of file contents with zoom facility on your mobile.

Nitrogen 1.0 – This app provides finger friendly music player for your mobile enabling you to play MP3/OGG/AAC songs while on travel.

Wolf’s Translator – Free translator app using Google powered engine. Major languages of the world are covered.

Pocket UNO – This is a well known card game for members of the entire family of different age groups all over the world.

CleanRAM – When your Windows Mobile slows down, this amazing utility can clean up wasted RAM memory without the need to restart your mobile.

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