25 Best HTC Desire Applications

HTC Desire is a great phone with Android OS, 3.7-inch screen, 480x800 resolution AMOLED display, 1GHz Snapdragon processor and the 576MB of memory. Android applications are innumerable and incredible for your android phone. Some of them are downloadable for free and some on chargeable basis.

25 exquisite apps for your HTC Desire are highlighted here:

Where – When you are on the move, your current geographic location is indicated by this app. Landmarks, theaters, eat outs, gas stations, etc., in the neighborhood are also shown with distances. A very useful app while on the go.

DoggCatcher – This is a podcast downloading app for Android platform. You can configure the app to monitor specific podcasts RSS feed. It is easy to update your podcast lists with addition /deletions.

Advance Task Killer – This is an excellent energy saver app for free. Just one click stops all running applications quickly. It saves battery power.

Google Maps – This free popular app lets you know your current location and helps you find route to your destination. Other services -
  • View local friends
  • Voice navigation
  • Locate nearby restaurants, etc., with ratings and reviews
Radiant – In this arcade style shooter game with exciting twists and turns you invade aliens to overpower them quickly. Complex graphics and sound effects make the game lively.

ShopSavvy – This app lets you know where to buy best quality products at the cheapest price. The app scans barcode of the products and lists the prices in your locality and online.

Google Talk – This is a Google owned Android app for instant messaging and chat with your friends online. This is very effective for messaging all your Gmail friends.

Astro File Manager – With this free app you are able to investigate your SD card and carry out the following operations while travelling.
  • Deletion
  • Rename
  • Backup files
  • Move
Twitter – With the help of this free app you can carry out normal operations like login, view tweets from pals, send tweets to your contacts, updates your profile, etc.

Foxy Ring – This free multitasking app controls ringtone of your mobile. You can set your GPS location to set your phone to go silent, vibrate, sleep, etc.

Battery Time Lite – This nice simple application displays how much of battery life remains in your mobile so that you can recharge in advance and avoid inconvenient situation.

Google Voice – This crafty app prevents nuisance phone calls to your mobile. Register with Google and get a number.

Astrid – This is a free elegant “to do” list app for Android to assist people in managing their pending tasks and getting them done. You can track
  • Tasks with alerts
  • Time taken
Opera Mini 5 – Web browser for accessing web pages. This is a faster and more cost effective web browsing experience wherein data is retrieved by Opera servers in compressed format.

EasyNote – With this handy app you can jot down variety of things like
  • Items to carry for picnic
  • Things to do daily
  • Songs and photos downloaded
Doodle Jump – In this fun game you help a creature doodled on a square pad to reach highest point on the pad by jumping on platform without falling. You have to control the movement of the doodle by suitably tilting the handset against several obstacles.

Trapster – An exciting app to forewarn you about road blocks, speed check points and presence of cops so that you can avoid getting tickets and payment of penalties.

PhoneMyPC – With this amazing app you will have access to your computer from anywhere. You can
  • View screen contents
  • Take snapshots
FX Camera – A great free application to take funny looking photos with your Android phone. You can set a background like fisheye, etc., choose colors and other effects to add spice to your snapshots.

Google Sky Maps – Designed for sky gazers, this GPS enabled app lets you to see
  • Only stars or planets
  • Complete night sky with entire constellation
  • Correct directions
Google Goggles – This is an interesting app for visual search. Google will identify a set of objects from the snapshot taken through your mobile camera. Objects such as wine, logos, artwork, books, etc., are recognized by this app.

Locale – This app dynamically manages settings of the mobile phone based on conditions like location, time of day, getting calls from VIPs, etc.

Calorie Counter – This fitness adviser
  • Records your weight, calories consumed, workouts
  • Recommends food for breakfast, etc., after scanning calories in food
You can also check your progress with respect to prefixed standards.

Pandora – This free app provides your own personalized radio anywhere in the world. You select your favorite singer, song or jazz music. Pandora creates your radio station and plays all your music.

Meebo – This app let you login to your IM networks and chat with your clients on your mobile on the go. Your chats can be saved and history created; these can be accessed from any computer later.

Hope you found some new apps in the list. To download these apps, just search for them in the Android Market.

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