5 Best Jail Broken iPhone Apps

iphone 4 jailbrokeniPhone jailbreaking appears to be the season now. Selective applications which may come handy for the iPhone after jailbreaking are listed below:
  • My3G – With this app you can use FaceTime on 3G network instead of Wi-Fi. Price: $3.99
  • MyWi 4.0 – This tethering app converts your handset to 3G version with USB connection support. Price $19.99.
  • iD3 – With this app, icon, built in apps and lock screen can be altered. You can change tunes of user-interface to your liking. The app costs $1.99.
  • Wi-Fi Sync – enables Windows and Mac to be synced with desktop utility. Price $9.99
  • IntelliScreen – Get your email, calendar and texts accompanied by updates of news, weather and sports to your lock screen. You will observe an apparent sluggishness in the display. Price: $9.99
Since Apple doesn’t sell these apps in its App Store, you have to buy them from Cydia or Rock Store app.

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