5 Wonderful Android Apps For Professionals!

Android Apps for Professionals.Android apps are numerous and versatile. Here are some of the apps that are specially meant for professionals on the go. Check out the 5 useful Android apps for Professionals:
  • Dropbox – The app integrates your files in Smartphone and laptop for you to access and share documents when at home or travelling in a train. Normal functions like viewing, editing, saving, of files can be carried out.
  • Android Agenda Widget - This app displays agenda of events on specific days on your mobile screen for easy and quick verification frequently. This avoids verification of entire calendar which is unwieldy.
  • GTasks – This app displays the list of tasks with time duration. Tasks can be synced with your Google account; edit and view functions could be carried out in your desktop.
  • Evernote – With this app you can take photographs, text notes and Voice notes during a meeting. These documents can be synced with your laptop or desktop for retrieval at home or on the go.
  • GoodMorning – Useful app for wake up calls/remainders with personalized messages. With repeated alarms you will never forget the work to be done.
Hope these apps will make your professional life more easier. Download these apps from Android market on your phone.

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