Adobe AIR for Android Phones will be Launched Shortly!

Adobe Air for Android.Adobe AIR Technology for Google’s Android platform to support various apps is expected to be released in the near future. This technology permits web applications to be run as standalone client’s app without browser. Developers are at liberty to utilize HTML/ JavaScript, Adobe Flash software and ActionScript across devices and platforms.

The latest version of Adobe AIR technology can access accessories like camera, microphone, accelerometer, GPS, etc., of the Smartphone. It can also provide hardware GPU acceleration and ability to work with multi touch screen.

Android devices with Android 2.1 version or later will support Adobe AIR technology.
It is also understood that Adobe will only test and certify AIR for Android on Google Nexus One and Motorola Droid Smartphone.

Adobe has already published a list of AIR Android apps with links to blogs and videos for explanation and clarification. Around 7000 developers are expected to work on this project. If you are a developer and wanted to participate in this project, check out this LINK.

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