Android App:QuickUninstaller for Batch Uninstalling

Android Market has more than 100,000 apps and games and the list is ever expanding. Normally you are provided with instructions required for installation of these apps. In case you want to remove one or more apps, you cannot simply delete them. Special software known as QuickUninstaller does this job of uninstalling apps systematically.
Quick uninstaller android.JPG
Before deleting an app QuickUninstaller initiates the following procedure.
  • Sorts apps alphabetically and on the basis of size
  • Displays date of installation of the app and its size
The uninstallation of the program as well the removal of the widget is executed by a simple click. Generally when a number of apps are required to be removed involving batch functions, QuickUninstaller is very handy.

In case you want to restore deleted apps and games, you have to select App Restore option from the Menu.

Just search for QuickUninstaller app in android market to download it.

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