App Exchange, a Place to Sell iPhone Apps Code!!

While billions of dollars being invested on development of apps, quite a lot of apps remain unsold. For all those app developers who are unable to market their apps, iPhoneApplicationList launched a new service known as App Exchange.

Apps which are developed in the past one year could be sold through this Exchange. Developers could furnish details like active users, number of downloads, etc., of their apps to interested buyers through App Exchange. The company publicizes these particulars in their directory. Parties who are interested may contact the developers and submit a bid. A forum is also available for exchanging views on apps.

Following two apps are listed in the App Exchange at present.
  • Barcode Reader
  • Sky Racer 2
App Exchange will assume the role of brokers for buyers in the near future. The company will facilitate buying and selling of apps with a simple listing but without elaborate preparatory work on the part of the developers.

Check out this link for more details.

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