Apple Unveils iOS 4.0.2 To Counter Jailbreaking!

Apple has done a great job in the security aspects of its products, in particular, iPhones. Hitherto hackers could jailbreak the iPhone 4 with the magic of a PDF in a single click.

As everyone in the geek world is busy finding their own formula for jailbreaking, Apple seems to be more worried about the undesirable consequences of unlocking iPhone 4. If the entire system control is exposed to hackers the protectionism of the product goes kaput. Naturally Apple has now got into its fire fighting mode.

In its best efforts to stop easy jailbreaking process, Apple unveiled iOS 4.0.2 version to fix the widely reported PDF exploit. This seems to helps in protecting the database in the iPhone system from the hackers. However, where jailbreaking has already been carried out, iOS 4.0.2 may not be effective for data protection.

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