Asphalt 5 for iPhone 4 gets Retina Display Update

Good news for Car racing lovers of iPhone 4. Asphalt 5 has been updated by the Gameloft for iPhone 4 Retina display.

Some of the new features of the Asphalt 5 update on iPhone 4 are:
  • It is supported by the wonderful Retina display feature, iOS4 which denotes a high-end screen with four times the pixel count as that of a normal screen for extreme clarity of images
  • A gyroscopic support for driving of the race car for effective control on the wheel and better stability .
This app with iOS4 is an innovative attempt with multi tasking features- you get euphoric about giving a hot chase on your race car and simultaneously talking over your mobile phone with no fear of accident or being booked by the cop.
asphalt 5 iPhone 4.JPG
You can try the Asphalt 5 Free version from App Store and unlock more features if you like the app for just $0.99.

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