Best VOIP App for Windows Mobile, Loudtalks Lite

Loudtalks Lite is a push-to-talk application for Windows phones. It's lightweight, easy to use and extremely fast. Better yet it's free and will always remain free for personal use.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Loudtalks conversations are nearly as fast as face-to-face and possibly the fastest way to communicate online.
  • With Loudtalks you can voice message two, three or even a hundred people simultaneously.
  • Re-play your conversations when you want from the voice history.
  • Unlike traditional VoIP applications you don't have to use a headset with Loudtalks.
  • Loudtalks has been translated to 11 languages.
  • Loudtalks works great over WiFi and 3G, and even could be used on GPRS and EDGE.
Voip app for windows mobile.JPGLoudtalks Lite has been downloaded 117,349 times. Why don't you try it on your Windows Mobile?

Download Loudtalks Lite for your windows mobile.

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