BlackBerry Torch 9800 Free Applications Download

BlackBerry Torch 9800 proved what RIM is capable of to take on iPhone 4. There are lot of BlackBerry free applications with great features and ease of handling which can make your phone even better. Here are the list of free apps for your new BlackBerry Torch 9800

Google Talk – This smart instant messenger works in conjunction with Black Berry Messenger and connects you with your friends everywhere and enable following functions.
  • Lets you know who is on line
  • Lets you set your status on line
  • Conference calls
  • Change pictures
Viigo - Viigo is an elegant browser option with the RSS reader in the backdrop.
  • Gets your most wanted website fast
  • Updates feeds for your preferred sites
  • You can add your own feeds and import your Reader links
Urbanspoon - Urbanspoon selects your restaurant in any locality. Alternatively you can specify your menu and price range; Urbanspoon presents choice of restaurants within that range for you to pick up.

Facebook - Facebook for Blackberry Torch is an interesting app. You can
  • Update connections
  • View your status
  • Post messages on the wall
  • Post pictures from Black Berry
  • Post events
Opera Mini 5 facilitates
  • Tab setting so that multiple websites could be opened on the mobile screen at a time
  • Add on option to open links to your email contacts
  • Built in password manager
  • Copy-paste option
Mobipocket Reader makes reading a pleasure on your mobile screen.
  • Converts word and PDF files on your computer and transfer them to mobile
  • You can read limited number of lines only at any instant
  • Annotations can be added but not bookmarks
iSkoot is ideal for Skype calls. The voice clarity is super with this app. The calls procedure is the same as the traditional Skype call from computer except that you are connected to the Skype even if you are away from your laptop. But unfortunately BlackBerry Torch doesn't support iSkoot, we have to wait for the official release of iSkoot for Torch 9800. You can try IM+ Talk free trail for 7 days which supports Skype for BlackBerry Torch.

Google Mobile is an integral app combining the functions of Gmail, Google Maps and Google Sync. The app also integrates the functions of Google search, Picasa picture organizer, Reader, Google Noebook and Docs. Gmail is for communication with our contacts and Google Map finds your geometric location. Google Sync synchronizes Google Calendar and Black Berry Calendar.

BeeTagg is a new app meant for 2-D barcode reader. It can read a URL, product specification, material of the product, etc. It takes you to the URL of the product site.

Poynt is utilized for exploring and locating business houses, cinemas, etc., in the neighborhood. You want a list of restaurants and top 5 cheapest malls in your locality, you get the data immediately. You have to provide your geometric location by keying in or through GPS.

TubeBuddy helps you catch your train on time in UK. It captures and updates live departure board data available in stations. Diversions and cancellations of trains on a daily basis is also displayed on your Black Berry screen.

Evernote is your intelligent partner. It synthesizes your voice commands, snapshots and text hints and uploads on its web account. Further it syncs these data with your home PC, office laptop and Black Berry to provide an effective reminder service.

Ubertwitter is one of the free super apps for Black Berry.
  • You can geotag or embed your location in your tweet
  • Latest features of Twitter are added instantly on release
  • Embed video or upload pictures with your tweets
Hope you enjoyed these free apps for your new BlackBerry Torch 9800. Did I miss some important apps??? Respond!!!

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