BlackBerry vs iPhone vs Android to Choose From?

Smartphone is the Mantra in business and personal life now. Three major players BlackBerry, iPhone and Google Android dominate the Smartphone market today.

The inevitable question “which one of them is the best buy for me?” does not have a ready-made solution. Define your requirements first, whether the phone is to be used for more of business purpose or private use or to build social networking contacts, etc. Then study the salient features of the individual phones including their strength and weakness and select the right handset for your specific needs.

Let us look at the features of the three great mobiles:

BLACK BERRY PHONES: BlackBerry Phone is a time tested mobile for professionals with strong e-mail and messaging functionalities. This has been in service for about a decade with satisfactory performance.

  • Superior email, contact management, calendaring features with high productivity.
  • Reasonably long battery life with optimum power consumption Best battery among the top three mobiles.
  • High quality high efficiency hardware.
  • The handset is highly durable under any environment while in office or on the road.
  • Strong with business customers.
  • Business messaging integration is possible only with Black Berry’s own server software which results in additional cost.
  • Poor performance on web browsing.
  • Poor in personal usage.
  • Applications are limited in number compared to Android and Apple apps and are more expensive.
APPLE’S iPHONE: This state-of-the-art mobile rules the roost at present. It has several unique and creative features for all users though it was developed primarily for personal use. iPhone 4 had field problems due to hardware and non compatibility of new iOS 4 with older versions of the mobile also need to be sorted out. Apple techies are on the job and are expected to solve the issues in the near future.

  • Provides judicious balance of functions between private and business clients.
  • Safari does a fabulous job in web browsing.
  • Efficient leveraging of ActiveSync for integration of corporate messaging system.
  • Most stable and dependable OS in the market with lots of unique features.
  • Strong app store with a large gamut of imaginative applications.
  • Fragile handset which needs to be handled with extra care. Improvements to strengthen the handset against breaking on impact are under progress.
  • Poor battery life. Battery cannot be removed. This is the biggest drawback which will pose lot of inconvenience to corporate users
ANDROID SMARTPHONE: The device inherits Google’s strength in terms of hardware, OS and Android Store with thousands of applications.

  • Versatile Android OS permits incorporation of variety of hardware.
  • Open source platform offers flexibility so that vendors can develop platforms of their own for their specific hardware.
  • Android Market provides thousands of application, majority of them are useful and efficient.
  • Ideal for corporate messaging system with Microsoft ActiveSync integration
  • Poor battery performance.
  • Open source platform suffers the drawback of “disconnect” as the performance varies from device to device.
Choose a Phone Platfrom that suit your needs. All the above three are stable platforms and you won't regret of buying any of the above platform phones for sure!!

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