Card Munch iPhone App Converts Business Cards to Contacts Manually!

Suddenly you want to contact Sales Manager of a company urgently for negotiation. To locate a business card is a Herculean task in any office in the normal course. Here is a new app CardMunch for iPhone which comes to your rescue under these circumstances.

With the app a photograph of the business card is taken and stored in your iPhone contacts. The application costs $2.99 and permits 10 cards to be included within this cost. Beyond 10 cards it costs 25 cents per card for this synthesis.

CardMunch is superior compared to similar apps in that details of each card are verified manually by Amazon’s Mechanical Turk site by a service provider. Thus the correctness of the contents of the card is meticulously verified and hence the money paid for the app is really worth it.
Card Munch iPhone app.JPG
Checkout CardMunch iPhone app in App Store.

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