Chopper 2 Game Brings iPhone and iPad together

The new helicopter game released by Apple’s App Store is grand with all the ingredients of a thrilling war game in the mid air. Named “Chopper 2”, the game is about an air battle wherein you, as the captain of the fighter helicopter, have the following tasks to carry out.
  • Control the flight
  • Combat enemies with missiles, bombs and machine guns
  • Fight ground force of the enemy
  • Rescue civilians and drop them in safe places
  • Safeguard friendly convoys
  • Avoid birds flying across your way
You will have limited time to complete the attack and return victorious.
chopper 2 iphone game
The beauty of the game lies in connecting both iPad and iPhone. You can use the fantastic remote control feature to wirelessly control the iPad with an iPhone over bluetooth. Your iPad is the battle ground and your iPhone is ground control device for your fighter air craft. There are 32 missions in 12 different locations. In your effort to maintain the balance of the copter against fierce enemy attack, you have to tilt and shake the iPhone controller briskly to win the battle. The background music is enchanting. This is an exciting game you love to play for hours.

Get the Chopper 2 game from iTunes for $2.99


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