Download Adidas miCoach for iPhone & BlackBerry

Adidas, a universal brand from German Sportswear, has now launched miCoach, a new app to serve as your personal workout coach through your BlackBerry or iPhone. The audible body conditioning program trains you specially to be fit for six popular games like soccer, tennis, basketball etc. Apart from coaching for games, the app provides general fitness program for everybody.

miCoach training programs is pace related and makes use of GPS for fixing your location, distance and speed. The major highlights of the program are
  • Pace related voice coaching
  • Sports related training
  • Workout Calendar
  • Workout feedback
micoach app screenshot.JPG
Workout results are synced automatically with standards laid down by miCoach in their website. You can find out your shortcomings and take corrective action to stay fit.

Download Free miCoach for BlackBerry or iPhone.

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