Download Free Antivirus Apps for your Mobile

Smartphone is an unique breed of phones- it ensures connectivity, enables communication and performs as a computer, web browser, camera, place locater, TV, etc., thanks to the multivarious apps incorporated. With such complex functionalities and huge database including classified information, the mobile phone has become highly vulnerable to threats by virus and malwares in addition to attacks by hackers and spywares against its security.

Several antivirus programs have been created to protect the mobile handset and its database. Commercial as well as free Antivirus apps are available in the market to protect the phone and its data. Kaspersky and Norton are popular commercial antivirus programs.

As regards free antivirus programs, the following three apps are well received in the market at present.
  • NetQin Mobile Antivirus.
  • Antivirus free.
  • Lookout mobile antivirus.
NetQin Mobile Antivirus – This app rovides real time monitoring and firewall protection to the handset and data and it is easy to use. It supports Symbian, Android and Windows mobile handsets. Its major features include the following.
  • Enables user surf and download contents from websites without any fear of threat.
  • Explores, detects and removes virus
  • Enhances overall mobile performance
netqin Free mobile antivirus.
Antivirus Free – This app is compatible with mobiles working with Android platform. Main functions of this app are furnished below.
  • Virus scanning
  • Protection against malware
  • OS exploits
  • Security SMS filters provide additional content security
  • Blocks spam text messages
  • Odd new applications alerts
Lookout Mobile Antivirus – This Mobile security software is compatible with Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Android handsets. Apart from protection against virus and security against hackers, this app incorporates the following special features for your mobile phone.
  • Backup of mobile data online
  • Location of lost mobile device and removal of all personal particulars
  • Raises alarm having located the lost phone
Lookout free mobile antivirus
You can use any one of the above free antivirus apps that is compatible to your Smartphone.

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