Download Free BlackBerry 7digital Music Store App

7 Digital Music Store app is not just a media player, it offers you every aspect of music you can imagine for your BlackBerry mobile phone when you on the move. This is a free app downloadable from BlackBerry app world. Thousands of new tracks are added to the app’s database every week; at the same time you will be able to navigate easily and find your favorite song quickly. It can work with any type of media player including Apple’s iTunes. Other salient features of this app are given below:
  • Search and download music of your liking
  • Huge collection of latest musical hits
  • Vintage collection of immortal tunes
  • Reviews by experts
  • Latest trends in the world of music
Blackberry music app
The app supports Bluetooth, headset and speaker system which enables you to enjoy music of your choice while you are on travel.

Download 7 Digital Music Store App for your BlackBerry Phone HERE

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