Download MobiTV app for iPhone

MobiTV is an app which brings you (mostly) recorded TV programs to be viewed on your home screen of iPhone. The app has been downloaded more than million times from Apple App Store. It also provides latest live news from premier channels like ABC News, ESPN sports and many spicy channels.

It is a great experience to watch live sports like World Cup, NHL, NBA, etc., while on the move. Unlike the computer you do not need to manipulate your hard drive for news, songs, etc. Simply select the channel and enjoy your favorite movie, song or baseball tournament.

mobi tv iphone app.JPGThough MobiTV is a worthy app to have on your iPhone, it has a few disadvantages like.
  • Long loading time while switching channels
  • Dropped connections.
  • Battery runs down faster
For all this, the guys in MobiTV respond with the routine “We’re working on it.”

The app is free for limited version, costs $10 for wider range of selection especially for live programs. Download it from iTunes Link.

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