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Mytown iphone app.My Town, which is a location specific check-in app for iPhone, has become more exciting now. The app has been used for checking in real life businesses to claim ownership in online games so far. Henceforth this app can be utilized to check barcodes of different products using the camera of your phone. This gives you an opportunity to explore selective virtual products apart from increasing your game points. In turn manufacturers of these products woe the clients through attractive rewards in the games to promote their products.
This type of check-in trend utilizing apps has been in vogue for quite some time.
  • Apps by GetGlue for iPhone focus on books, cinemas, TV shows and music
  • App by Gowalla targets events
It is fascinating to watch the emergence of apps which cover specific niches of real world products like restaurants, bars, casinos, etc.

Download Free MyTown app for iPhone from iTunes.

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