Download Vonage Mobile App for Facebook

vonage app.Do you want to talk to your Facebook friend and you do not know his Phone number. You can still talk to him through voice mail – the new app Vonage mobile for Facebook facilitates this voice call. The app is simple to download and is free. The calls made are free and the condition is that your friend should also have Vonage app installed in his mobile.

This app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices through Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks across the world.

This is an easy way to reach your folks who are not available on phone otherwise. There is no need for dialing. Just click on the friend’s image and start the chat. The service provides the cheapest and best communication between the individuals in the powerful Facebook social network.

The nuisance part in this case is that there is no privacy. Even if you do not like, your friends can still access you.

Download Vonage Mobile App from HERE

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