Droid X Tips and Tweaks !!

Droid X.
Motorola’s Droid X is a power packed Smartphone with a number of interesting and useful features. Some of the tweaks, tips and tricks to operate the mobile phone are given below:

There are 7 home screens each housing different functional areas:
Screens can be flipped by gentle swipe of your fingers. Widgets are provided for ease of use for the customers which are totally customizable.

Screens on the left:
  • First screen pertains to communication functions and contacts like Gmail, messages, Skype, appointments, Backup Assistant, etc.
  • Second screen is meant for battery management. You can shut power guzzlers like GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., when not in use. Setting of mobile in airplane mode, weather updates and 3G mobile hotpot app are also located on this screen.
  • Third screen handles social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Screens on the right:
  • First screen takes care of traditional phone functions like voice dialing, recent calls, favorites, find contacts, etc.
  • Second screen accommodates audio and video Entertainments including music, photographs and camera.
  • Third screen is meant for RSS feeds.
Swiping action is definitely faster than maneuvering menu buttons to access different panels.

Salient features of the Droid X, Droid2 with different apps are listed below:
  • Zap Apps App permits shutdown of power devouring units to save power.
  • SWYPE It – With the special Swype keyboard you don’t have to move your fingers from the touch screen. Typing speed is really fast.
  • Speak Your Text - With this voice search feature you can give voice command instead of writing and get the job done while on the go.
  • Skype – Skype is an integral part of Droid X and you can contact people from anywhere. All skype to Skype calls and IMs are free and you save a lot on that. However US calls will be routed through Verizon Wireless on chargeable basis.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot with windows enables reception of strong signals.Wi-Fi Hotspot takes more power. To prevent rapid battery drain keep your Droid X connected to your laptop USB port.
Motorola Droid 2 Will be launched shortly with the same features of Droid X.


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