Droid X vs iPhone 4 as a Business Phone!!

iPhone 4 vs Droid X.Between iPhone 4 and Droid X which is a better business phone?
For this, we have to analyze the basic requirements of a business Smartphone which are listed below and how iPhone 4 and Droid X performs in each criteria:

Battery: As most business users charges their phones only once in a day, this is a key point. Droid X wins over iPhone 4 in battery consumption. Droid X provides 8 hour talking time and 220 hour standby time.

Excellent functional aspects:Important business functions include Email, calendar support and business contacts. Normally the business executive visits Facebook and Twitter, surfs web and uses camera. iPhone 4 syncs perfectly with email, contacts and calendar information and also provides wide variety of apps for connectivity. iPhone 4 is clear winner in providing excellent connectivity apps and email syncing.

Security: On security iPhone 4 is safer than Droid X. iPhone 4 has the properties like remote wipe, remote locking and complex passwords.

Low price and strong browsing performance: Both iPhone 4 and Droid X comply with above criteria.

As such it is amply clear that iPhone 4 is a better bet as a business phone.

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