HTC HD2 Free Applications Download!!

HTC HD2 Free Apps.
HTC HD2 is one of the best selling windows mobile phone currently in the market. Check out the below list for some of the Free Windows Mobile apps for HTC HD2:

Google Maps – This is an extremely useful app for your geometric location and movement anywhere in the world. It searches and finds your route, gets you the nicest restaurant in your surrounding area, takes you through the smallest lanes to locate the specific building for official or personal purposes. You can see the traffic jam in a particular part of the freeway and choose a different route to reach your destination on time. Topography of your route can also be explored so that you can avoid bumpy and bad roads.

Facebook – This app enables you to maintain your contacts in the most popular social network Facebook. You can add new friends after examining their background. Likewise nuisance contacts can be deleted. Apart from messages you can upload videos, pictures music, birthday greetings, etc., to your beloved ones. You can write messages on you wall for sharing with your pals and comment on others messages.

Shake and Save – is an innovative app which makes use of accelerator in your mobile phone. When you come across a breathtaking sight on a web page, you can save the page with this app by a gentle shake of the handset. This is a very useful app especially when you are on the move.

MyPhone - This app is helpful in transferring or taking back up of all data including pictures, music, contacts and videos to a new mobile from a damaged or old one. You can even locate your lost phone and wipe out vital details or lock your phone.

Skype – This app enables free calls, instant messages and chats between Skype members. You can call other phone numbers for a nominal fee. See the people at the other end as you talk to them. You can add new contacts and delete unwanted contacts. This is the cheapest method of communication with friends and relatives all over the world.

Travelling Blogger – This is a useful app for the blogging community. You can create new blog posts, add pictures & videos, link to different sites with hyperlinks, insert HTML codes and publish them in different categories.


Evernote – This is an amazing online scribbling pad. Want to retrieve an address noted on your laptop or desktop to your mobile suddenly? This app makes it possible as long as you are online and used evernote for saving texts. You can store videos, photographs apart from texts and use it anywhere else.

Tiny Twitter -The special breakdown feature imparted by this app enables you to see quite a lot of messages and tweets on your mobile screen. Popular tweets and tweeters in the neighborhood can be found with this app.

Gsync – With the help of this app you will get your Gmail updates as and when you get a mail. You are able to get Google calendar and Google contacts in a similar manner. This app has certain limitation as it is a Google Chrome Beta version. Mobile – As the name implies this app enables you to upload snapshots, classify, edit and view them with your browser. You can upload photos taken from your mobile. This app is very handy for capturing and editing pictures while on picnic or family functions.

Skyfire – With this wonderful mobile browser you can browse through web pages together with JavaScript, Silverlight, CSS and PDF. It also supports video and audio sharing websites like YouTube, BBC iPlayer, etc., and updates of Facebook, Twitter and RSS.

Bing – This app enables advanced form of location search. Basically it uses GPS or mobile signal towers for path finding. This is better than Google Maps in maneuvering especially when you change your route suddenly. You can locate a smaller eat out or a gas station in your neighborhood without any hassle.

What free apps you use for HTC HD2? Respond through comments section.

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