iDisk Update Makes iPhone Users to Stream Music Anywhere!!

Apple’s iDisk update helps users to stream their music collection anywhere be it an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Only MobileMe subscribers have access to iDisk. You can upload a huge collection of files /songs to your iDisk which has unlimited storage capacity. You can download the same songs through a web browser on any computer or Mac. As regards your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you have to make use of iDisk app for downloading songs. Enjoy the music wherever you are. Please note that you have to manually upload songs to your storage space without any automatic syncing facility.You are now permitted to access public folders of other MobileMe members and vice versa.
iDisk iPhone app.JPG
iDisk runs in the background and you are able to enjoy the music with your headsets.

Some of the other features of iDisk are:
  • View files on your iDisk–including iWork, Microsoft Office, PDFs, QuickTime movies, JPEGs and more.
  • Easily share files.
  • Quickly access recently viewed documents.
  • Access Public folders.
Download iDisk from iTunes.

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