Improve iOS 4 Performance on iPhone 3G!

iphone.JPGRecent news from Apple is that their techies are now evaluating the performance of iPhone 3G with iOS4 based on the feedbacks from the market as well as users. The major drawbacks reported are:
  • Sluggishness
  • Quick Battery run down
According to an analysis from a techie, sluggishness can be rectified by disabling Spotlight Search on the iPhone 3G. It has been observed that the CPU of iPhone 3G is terribly slower than that of iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. The other significant aspect is that iphone 3G with iOS4 appears to be stretching its limits even though it does not have the features like multitasking, etc., of the new OS.

How do you disable Spotlight Search? It is suggested that you go to “Settings-> General-> Home Button-> Spotlight Search” and deselect every option. The background indexing on the iPhone 3G is halted in this manner.

These remedies appear to be temporary in nature. Apple is all out for finding a long lasting solution to these issues very soon.

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