New Search History Link on Google mobile!

When you surf the internet you may come across websites with exquisite piece of artwork, picturesque locations, etc. After awhile you may like to see the page and store it. A new search history feature has been launched by Google to assist you to trace, save and retrieve your most wanted sights from any of your devices whether an iPhone or blackberry or android or even laptop.

How do you achieve this? Open your Google page. Tap History link. Enable Search History option by clicking Settings -> Search History -> Save Searches and then save the setting. A list of sites you have searched from your laptop, mobile or desktop is displayed. Sites searched from desktop & laptop and iPhone are marked with distinct icons. You can classify selective sites under Starred items option for easy retrieval.
google mobile search.JPGThe feature includes deletion of unwanted history pages. You can also disable search history option anytime if you concerned more about your privacy.

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