Nokia N900 Free Applications Download

Nokia N900 with its wide 3.5” touch screen aided by Maemo OS is a super multipurpose device with the some of the splendid apps.

Check out the below list of Free Applications for Nokia N900:

eCoach Pocket Sports Trainer – Tie your cute little Nokia N900 around your arm and start jogging or daily workout. Your speed, distance traversed and time parameters are logged. You can store your target parameters in built-in training diary for comparison with actual performance.
The app supports Open Street Map, Google Maps and Virtual Earth to guide you through the route of your jogging or running. You can also share this information with your friends later.

FM Radio Player – with this app your Nokia N900 turns to a mini FM radio. Your headphone cable serves as antenna for the receiver.

gPodder Podcast Client – with a huge 32 GB storage and 3.5 mm headphone jack your Nokia takes a new avatar of a Podcast. Get your pick of songs through your Nokia’s built in 3G or WiFi connections. You can also sync podcasts to your mobile phone utilizing your PC app.

PixelPipe Media Gateway - Your Nokia N900 becomes a big storage bowl for posting videos, photos, text and audio files to contacts in hundreds of sites including your favorite social network pals in Facebook, Twitter, Flikr, YouTube and blogs.

OSM2GO – This app is an editor for OpenStreetMap designed specifically for Nokia N900 and mini laptops. It is available with tagging tools, background satellite / WMS layouts and GPS integration.

OMWeather widget – With this app and built in GPS you can find out the weather in your locality with automatic updates. Forecast for the next 10 days is also available.

Firefox for Maemo – This app syncs the following desktop features of Firefox to your Nokia N900.
  • Tabs
  • Passwords
  • Bookmarks
  • Tab- wise browsing
  • Firefox adds-on
With these features you can work on your Smartphone comfortably as in the case of your desktop.

Bounce Evolution – This is an intricate 3-D game wherein you control a tiny ball bouncing around race courses. Nokia accelerometer, sensitive angular vibrations of your handset and high resolution screen set the game on high-tech mode even though the game is about racing with time and obstacles.

Documents To Go Viewer Edition – For the workaholic in you, the app enables viewing of office documents and files in MS word, Excel and PowerPoint with search, zoom and edit facilities. You can browse and study your files on your Nokia while on travel.

BlueMaemo – This app teaches you some exciting magic. Your Nokia N900 takes the role of other Bluetooth enabled gadgets and controls keyboard and mouse of desktops & laptops. It is amazing to watch.

Face Book for Nokia – This app is exclusive for your Facebook friends and connects them directly through your phone by means of camera, photoshots and media player apps.

Qik – Lets you share your everyday life experiences as it happens with your family and friends — right from your mobile phone. You can
  • Access your videos anywhere
  • Your friends can watch as it happens
  • Post to your favorite social networks
  • Share your location
Hermes – This app fills up the gaps in social bookmarking address books like Twitter and Facebook.

Fring – App enables instant messaging, VoIP package, Skype and MSN Messenger services using Nokia’s built in 3G or WiFi connections.

Skype – This app integrates your Skype contacts with your Nokia Phonebook. It also indicates the online status of your friends. You can make Skype to Skype calls through your Nokia’s built in 3G or WiFi connections. IM chat is also possible. You have an option to call your friends on landline and mobiles all over the world.

Hope you enjoyed the list of free apps for N900. Which apps you use for your Nokia N900, that are missing here? Respond through comment section with the apps you use most for Nokia N900.

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