OnStar Mobile App to Control GM cars

OnStar Telematics, a unit of General Motors, has launched a Smartphone app which can control the functions like charging, locking/unlocking, etc., of automobiles remotely. This app will be incorporated in the whole family of General Motors vehicles by 2011.

What are the differences between OnStar and FordSync applications?
  • On the hardware side, GM integrates these features with cellular radio whereas FordSync provides instructions to driver’s phone through Bluetooth or cable
  • Ford gives this service free while OnStar gives the app free in the beginning and on payment basis after the complimentary period. OnStar finds it difficult to collect subscription from users.
  • OnStar applications like location of vehicle, lock/unlock, etc., can be done remotely from longer distance whereas FordSync can do job at short distance only.

onstarOnStar user can access sensitive data like tyre pressure and oil level; calling OnStar adviser and dealer for servicing are also possible. Both iPhone and Android are suitable for this application.


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