OpenAppMkt is a Great Alternative To Apple App Store!

iPhone web apps can now be accessed from a new App Store known as OpenAppMkt. The implication is that jailbreaking your phone is not required to use the OpenAppMkt. Can you recall Steve’s compliments for web apps at the time of launching of iPhone? OpenAppMkt has picked up some of the web apps, bunched and decorated them into a nice Store.

Installing OpenAppMkt is easy, point Safari to and follow procedure shown on your screen. Safari bookmark appears on your screen. Activate bookmark, you will have access to OpenAppMkt web app; browse web apps and install the corresponding bookmarks on your screen. In a nutshell there is no physical installation of apps. Only Safari bookmarking is done on your home screen.

This is a nice and easy to follow concept and the procedure is simple to implement. Probably this is the best alternative to an App Store or even Cydia too!

Check out the below video to know more about OpenAppMkt:

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